The Refreshing Taste of Hamm’s Special Light Beer

Hamm's Special Light, a classic American-style , has been a beloved choice among beer enthusiasts for many years. However, recent news reveals that this iconic light beer will soon be retired by the Miller Company. In this article, we will take a closer look at Hamm's Special Light, its history, taste profile, and the reasons behind its retirement.

Hamm's Special Light, brewed in the land of sky blue waters, is known for its exceptional quality and refreshing taste. It is produced in accordance with a long-standing family tradition, using the finest ingredients such as pure , barley , grains, and . This meticulous brewing process ensures a balanced and flavor that beer lovers have come to cherish.

One of the key factors that contributed to the popularity of Hamm's Special Light is its lower content compared to its American Classic counterpart. With an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) of 3.8%, this light beer provides a lighter drinking experience while still delivering a satisfying taste. Additionally, its calorie count of 110 per serving makes it a suitable choice for those who are conscious of their calorie intake.

The taste profile of Hamm's Special Light can be described as extremely well-balanced. It offers a refreshing and crisp flavor with a subtle hint of hops, creating a pleasurable drinking experience. The lightness of this beer allows for easy consumption, making it a great choice for social gatherings or casual occasions where a lighter beer is preferred.

Despite its loyal following and unique taste, Hamm's Special Light, along with other light beers like Miller High Life Light, will soon be discontinued. The reasons behind this decision are not explicitly stated by the Miller Brewing Company. However, it is important to note that the beer industry is constantly evolving, with changing consumer preferences and demands.

While the retirement of Hamm's Special Light may disappoint its dedicated fans, it's worth mentioning that the Miller Brewing Company will continue to produce other variations of its renowned Steel Reserve 211 beer. These fruity spinoffs are likely to cater to a different segment of the market, providing new and exciting options for beer enthusiasts.

Hamm's Special Light has been a cherished light beer option for many years, offering a refreshing and well-balanced taste. Its retirement, along with other light beers, is a reflection of the ever-changing beer industry and consumer preferences. Despite its departure, fans of Hamm's Special Light can still appreciate the legacy it has left behind and explore other offerings from the Miller Brewing Company.

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Is There A Hamm's Light Beer?

There is a Hamm's light beer available. Hamm's American-Style Lager Light Beer is a variation of the classic Hamm's premium lager. It is brewed using the same family tradition, with a focus on using pure water and high-quality ingredients like barley malt, grains, and hops.

Hamm's American-Style Lager Light Beer is known for its extremely balanced taste. It offers a sparkling and refreshing experience, with just a hint of hops to add some flavor. This light beer has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 4.7%, making it a lighter option compared to the regular Hamm's lager.

Here are some key points about Hamm's American-Style Lager Light Beer:

– It is a light beer variation of the classic Hamm's premium lager.
– Brewed using purest water and choicest barley malt, grains, and hops.
– It has an extremely balanced taste that is sparkling and refreshing.
– It offers a hint of hops for added flavor.
– The alcohol by volume (ABV) of Hamm's American-Style Lager Light Beer is 4.7%.

If you are looking for a lighter version of Hamm's beer, Hamm's American-Style Lager Light Beer is a great choice. It maintains the quality and tradition of the classic Hamm's lager while providing a refreshing and balanced taste.

How Much Alcohol Is In Hamm's Special Light?

Hamm's Special Light has an alcohol content of 3.8%. This means that for every 100 milliliters of beer, 3.8 milliliters are pure alcohol. In terms of calories, Hamm's Special Light contains 110 calories.

Comparatively, the regular American Classic Hamm's beer has a slightly higher alcohol content at 4.7% and contains 142 calories.

To summarize:

Hamm's Special Light:
– Alcohol content: 3.8%
– Calories: 110

American Classic Hamm's:
– Alcohol content: 4.7%
– Calories: 142

It's important to note that alcohol content and calorie count can vary between different beer brands and types.


Hamm's Special Light, a beloved light beer produced by Miller Brewing Company, has recently been retired from production. This light beer, with an ABV of 3.8% and only 110 calories, provided a refreshing and balanced taste for beer enthusiasts seeking a lighter option. Its creation was rooted in family tradition, brewed with the purest water, choicest barley malt, grains, and hops. With its sparkling and refreshing profile, Hamm's Special Light offered a hint of hops, making it an enjoyable and lighter alternative to its American Classic counterpart, which had a higher ABV of 4.7% and 142 calories. Although it is sad to see this classic premium lager leave the market, beer enthusiasts will still have the opportunity to enjoy its fruity spinoffs and explore other light beer options available.

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