The Rich Flavors of Tres Picos Garnacha

Tres Picos Garnacha is a unique, world-class Spanish red made from the Grenache grape variety. Produced by Bodegas Borsao in Campo de Borja, it's a multi-award winning wine that's crafted usng old-vine Garnacha grapes grown on the steep slopes of the Tres Picos mountain range in Aragon.

The winemakers at Bodegas Borsao have mastered the art of making superb quality wines with Grenache grapes in this region by carefully selecting and harvesting the fruit at its peak ripeness. This results in an intense, full-bodied yet elegant that expresses all of its varietal character.

On the nose, Tres Picos Garnacha offers a complex array of aromas including ripe blackberry, blueberry, plum and hints of spices and herbs. On the palate, it has appealing flavors of dark fruits and spices aong with notes of licorice and mocha. The tannins are smooth and balanced and you get a long finish with hints of oak.

Tres Picos Garnacha is an ideal pairing for grilled meats, hearty stews and aged cheeses but it's also enjoyed on its own as an excellent sipping wine. It's an outstanding exmple of what can be achieved when great terroir meets winemaking skill and dedication to quality – something that Bodegas Borsao has become renowned for over the years.

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What Type of Wine is Tres Picos?

Tres Picos is a Spanish Grenache produced by Borsao Bodegas Winery in the Campo de Borja region of Aragón, Spain. This robust and full-bodied red wine carries notes of ripe red fruits and a hint of spice, with a well-balanced finish. Its 15% content adds to its complexity and depth, making it perfect for pairing with heavy meals or enjoying on its own. Tres Picos is an excellent choice for those who appreciate bold flavors and aromas in their wines.

The Benefits of Drinking Grenache Wine

Grenache is a dark-skinned red wine grape variety that has been used to make wines for centuries. Originally native to the Aragon region of Northern Spain, it is also known as Garnacha in Spain, Grenache Noir in France, and Cannonau in Italy. This grape variety is known for its intense fruitiness and subtle spice flavors. It is usually blended with other grapes such as Syrah or Mourvèdre, but can also be enjoyed as a single-varietal wine. It's typically medium-bodied with bright acidity, soft tannins and a long finish. Flavors of ripe cherries, raspberries, plum and spice are often present in Grenache wines. This grape variety thrives in warm climates and produces wines that are full of flavor yet easy to drink. Grenache is an ideal choice for tose who enjoy a food-friendly red wine with delicious fruit aromas and flavors.

The Health Benefits of Grenache Wine

No, Grenache is not the healthiest wine. While all red wines offer health benefits due to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Cannonau Grenache from Sardinia (also known as Cannonau) stands out as being particularly beneficial in this regard. This type of Grenache contains two to three times the number of flavonoids compared to other red wines, making it an even healthier option for those looking to reap the potential benefits of drinking red wine.

The Alcohol Content of Grenache

Yes, Grenache is typically higher in alcohol than other red wines. On average, Grenache-based wines are at least 15% ABV (alcohol by volume). This higher alcohol content is due to the fact that Grenache grapes take longer to ripen than other red wine grapes, allowing the sugars in the grape to reach high levels. The longer ripening process also contributes to the intense strawberry and raspberry flavors found in many Grenache-based wines.


Tres Picos Garnacha is a full-bodied, bold and intense red wine made from the Grenache grape variety. It hails from the Aragon region of Spain and is produced by the Borsao Bodegas Winery. This wine has a rich aroma and flavor profile that includes dark fruit, spices, and leather. It has an alcohol content of 15%, making it an excellent choice for tose who prefer a bolder taste. With its robust character and well-rounded finish, Tres Picos Garnacha is a great choice for any occasion.

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