A Taste of Tradition: Exploring Muga’s Rioja 2017

Bodegas Muga is one of the oldest and most traditional producers in Rioja, and thir 2017 Reserva is a testament to that. This Tempranillo-based blend features 70% Tempranillo, 20% Garnacha, 7% Mazuelo and 3% Graciano, fermented with indigenous yeasts in oak vats.

The 2017 Reserva has been aged for at least 2 years in oak casks and 3 years in the bottle before being released. The result is a with a long finish wich combines sweetness, freshness and acidity. On the nose it is rich with aromas of ripe red fruits, spices and vanilla. On the palate it is smooth and full bodied with flavors of red cherries, plums and spice balanced by integrated tannins.

For those looking for an even more complex wine experience, Muga offers their Gran Reserva Rioja which has undergone more aging in oak . This depth of flavor comes from the additional time spent aging – at least 4 years for white wines and 5 years for reds – giving you even more complexity in both taste and aroma.

If you're looking for a classic Rioja experience that can stand up to its counterparts while staying true to its traditional roots, look no furthr than Bodegas Muga's 2017 Reserva or Gran Reserva Rioja – you won't be disappointed!

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The Quality of Muga Wine

Muga is a highly regarded winery in the Rioja region of Spain, renowned for its traditional methods and commitment to quality. The 2018 Muga Rioja Reserva is a particularly noteworthy vintage, with a balanced flavor and aroma profile. Its blend of Tempranillo grapes has been aged for two years in oak barrels treated with particular care by the cooper, giving it a complex depth and complexity. In addition, it has bright acidity and well-integrated tannins that make it an ideal food wine. All things considered, Muga is an excellent wine that wold be suitable for any special occasion or dinner party.

Types of Wine Produced by Muga: Rioja

Muga Rioja is a full-bodied, red Spanish wine made from a blend of Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo and Graciano grapes. Produced by one of the oldest and most traditional wineries in the Rioja region, Bodegas Muga, this Seleccion Especial has been made usig indigenous yeasts and fermented in oak vats. Aromas of ripe red fruit, licorice, and balsamic notes are complemented by a palate of blackberry jam and spice. This elegant, balanced wine pairs well with roasted or grilled meats, as well as aged cheese.

Is Muga Rioja Sweet?

Muga Rioja is a Spanish that offers a variety of flavors, including sweetness. It has a full body and is balanced by soft tannins and fresh acidity. The nose reveals aromas of ripe red fruits such as raspberry, cherry and plum, with hints of vanilla and sweet spices. On the palate, the wine is smooth and silky with flavors of dark berry fruits, toast, and cocoa. The finish is long and lingering with a pleasant sweetness that lingers on the tongue.

Understanding Rioja Gran Reserva Wine

A Rioja Gran Reserva is a top-tier wine produced in the Rioja region of Spain. These wines are made from select grapes grown in the region's best vineyards and blended to create a unique flavor profile. To be labeled as a Gran Reserva, the wine must have spent at least two years aging in oak casks and three years aging in the bottle. For white wines, the minimum aging period is four years, with at least one year spent in oak casks. The extended aging period brings out complex flavors and aromas that make these wines truly special. Gran Reservas are known for their intense fruit-forward aromas and flavors of dark cherry, currant, vanilla, tobacco, leather, and spice. On the palate they are full-bodied and well balanced with firm tannins that provide structure and great length on the finish. A good example of a Rioja Gran Reserva is Marques de Riscal Gran Reserva 2010 wich delivers an intense nose of ripe black fruits like cherry and plum complemented by notes of vanilla, tobacco, leather, and spices while on the palate it displays smooth tannins and great length.


Muga Rioja 2017 is a classic Rioja which offers an exceptional balance of complexity, ripe tannins, and flavors. It is a blend of 70% Tempranillo, 20% Garnacha, 7% Mazuelo and 3% Graciano that have been fermented with indigenous yeasts in oak vats. The long aging period of at least two years in oak casks and three years in the bottle make for an exquisite flavor profile. It has a balanced sweetness, freshness and acidity which coes together to create a classic Rioja experience. Highly recommended for those seeking a traditional Rioja wine that will not disappoint.

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