The Legendary Taste of Midnight Moon Whiskey

If you're in search of a smooth, clean-tasting , Midnight Moon is the perfect choice. Crafted in North Carolina's first legal distillery since Prohibition, this moonshine-inspired whiskey is the result of Junior Johnson's legendary recipe.

Midnight Moon is 80 proof and distilled from American corn for a slightly sweet flavor. It's triple distilled to ensure a pure taste, and handcrafted in small batches for an extra touch of authenticity. With its unique flavor profile, this whiskey can be enjoyed neat or as part of a special cocktail.

Piedmont Distillers called on Junior at the mechanics shop on his old farm to taste-test what would become Midnight Moon Original. After taking two thumbs up from Junior himself, it was clear that they had created something truly special. With its smooth yet flavorful taste, it's no wonder this whiskey has become so popular with those looking for something unique and delicious.

Whether you're looking to make an unforgettable cocktail or just sit back and enjoy the flavor of this classic , Midnight Moon Whiskey is sure to be a hit with any crowd. Its smoothness also makes it one of the more versatile whiskeys out there – so don't be afraid to get creative!

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Is Midnight Moon a Legitimate Moonshine?

Yes, Midnight Moon is a true moonshine. It is an authentic recipe that has been refined from Junior Johnson's original moonshine recipe. It is made with 80-proof American corn and has a slightly sweet, ultra-smooth taste. It is an ideal spirit for those who are looking to experience the flavor of real moonshine without the harshness associated with traditional moonshines.

Is Midnight Moonshine a Type of Whiskey?

Yes, Midnight Moonshine is a whiskey. It is distilled in small batches at a distillery in North Carolina and is made to legal standards. As a whiskey, it is an unflavored moonshine that has been aged for at least two months in new charred oak , giving it the distinctive flavor of other whiskeys. The aging process also gives it its dark amber color, which gives it its name.

Who is the Manufacturer of Midnight Moon Moonshine?

Midnight Moon moonshine is made by Piedmont Distillers, a North Carolina based distillery that was the first to be legally established in the state since prohibition. In order to perfect their recipe, the distillery enlisted the help of Junior, who gave his two thumbs up after sampling the final product.

Evidence of the Authenticity of Midnight Moon Moonshine

Midnight Moon moonshine is a 100 Proof (50% ALC./VOL.) spirit. It is made with American corn, handcrafted in small batches, and triple distilled for a clean tasting spirit.


In conclusion, Midnight Moon Whiskey is a unique and flavorful spirit crafted in small batches with a recipe inspired by Junior Johnson's legendary moonshine. It is made from American corn, triple distilled for a clean taste, and 80 proof (50% ALC./VOL.). This whiskey is an ultra-smooth and slightly sweet spirit that has been perfected through the generations to become a classic favorite amongst whiskey connoisseurs. It carries on the legacy of Junior Johnson's moonshine and provides an unforgettable drinking experience.

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