The Magic of Twin Peaks Beer

When it comes to enjoying a cold and refreshing , Twin Peaks is the place to be. With their own in-house brewery located in Irving, Texas, Twin Peaks offers a range of signature beers that are sure to satisfy any beer lover's palate. From their Dirty Blonde to their Knotty Brunette and Drop Dead Redhead, Twin Peaks Co. has crafted a lineup of flavors that are as unique as they are delicious.

One of the standout brews from Twin Peaks is their Dirty Blonde. This American White is a refreshing and unfiltered wheat ale that boasts a citrusy aroma and flavor. With hints of Indian coriander and orange peel, this beer is both light and flavorful, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a crisp and easy-drinking option.

What sets Twin Peaks apart from other breweries is their commitment to quality and attention to detail. They take pride in brewing their beers on-site, ensuring that each pint is poured at its optimal temperature. In fact, Twin Peaks even goes as far as displaying a temperature gauge on their beer system, showing customers the exact temperature of the beer coming out of the taps. With a target temperature of 29 degrees Fahrenheit, Twin Peaks ensures that their beers are served at the perfect chill, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

When it comes to serving sizes, Twin Peaks offers two options: girl size and man size. While this may seem like a playful distinction, it actually speaks to the brewery's dedication to providing customers with a variety of choices. Whether you prefer a smaller 16oz pour or a larger 22oz glass, Twin Peaks has you covered.

In addition to their core lineup of beers, Twin Peaks also produces a variety of limited edition seasonal brews. These special releases showcase the creativity and innovation of the brewery, allowing customers to try new and exciting flavors throughout the year. From rich and malty winter ales to crisp and refreshing summer brews, Twin Peaks consistently offers something new and enticing for beer enthusiasts to enjoy.

Twin Peaks Brewing Co. is a shining example of the Texas scene. With their commitment to quality, attention to detail, and a lineup of unique and flavorful brews, they have cemented themselves as a go-to destination for beer lovers. So whether you're in the mood for a Dirty Blonde or looking to explore their seasonal offerings, Twin Peaks is sure to satisfy your craft beer cravings.

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How Many Oz Are The Beers In Twin Peaks?

In Twin Peaks, the beers are available in two sizes: Girl size, which is 16oz, and Man size, which is 22oz. This means that when you order a beer, you have the option of choosing between a 16oz or 22oz serving. The establishment does not offer the traditional pint size for their IPAs or other beer options. Hence, if you prefer a smaller portion, you can go for the 16oz girl size, while those looking for a larger serving can opt for the 22oz man size. Twin Peaks aims to provide a range of options to cater to different preferences and thirst levels.

What Are 2 Of Twin Peaks Signature Beers?

Two of Twin Peaks' signature beers are Dirty Blonde and Knotty Brunette. These beers, along with other offerings such as Drop Dead Redhead and Twin Peaks Light, are all brewed in-house at Twin Peaks Brewing Co. in Irving, Texas. The Dirty Blonde is a refreshing and light beer with a smooth taste, while the Knotty Brunette is a richer and darker beer with a hint of caramel flavor. These beers, along with a variety of limited edition seasonal brews, are delivered to all 27 Twin Peaks lodges throughout Texas.


Twin Peaks offers a unique and enjoyable beer experience with their range of signature brews. Their Dirty Blond American White Ale stands out with its refreshing citrus aroma and flavor, enhanced by the addition of Indian coriander and orange peel.

What sets Twin Peaks apart is their commitment to brewing their own beers in-house at their Irving, Texas brewery. This ensures quality control and allows them to deliver their beers to all 27 Twin Peaks lodges throughout Texas.

The beer ordering process at Twin Peaks is also noteworthy, as they offer two sizes – the girl size and the man size. While this may seem unconventional, it adds an element of fun and allows customers to choose their preferred serving size.

Additionally, Twin Peaks takes pride in serving their beers at the optimal temperature, displayed digitally on a temperature gauge. The target temperature of 29 degrees Fahrenheit ensures that the beers are refreshing, without the risk of freezing up in the lines.

Twin Peaks offers a diverse and enjoyable beer selection, brewed in-house with attention to detail. Whether you're a fan of their Dirty Blond or interested in trying their limited edition seasonal brews, Twin Peaks provides a memorable beer experience for beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

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