What are good rum mixers?

Answered by Jesse Garza

As a sommelier and brewer, I have had the pleasure of exploring various mixers and creating unique flavor combinations. Rum is an incredibly versatile spirit that can be paired with a wide range of ingredients to create delicious and refreshing . Here are some of my personal favorite rum mixers:

1. Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits like lime, lemon, and orange are classic mixers for rum. Their bright and zesty flavors complement the rich and sweet notes of rum. Squeezing fresh lime into a rum and creates a simple yet vibrant cocktail. You can also muddle citrus fruits with sugar to create a flavorful base for a rum cocktail.

2. Ginger : The combination of rum and ginger beer is a match made in heaven. The spicy and slightly sweet flavor of ginger beer pairs perfectly with the caramel and vanilla notes of rum. This mixer is commonly used in the popular cocktail, Dark and Stormy, which is made with dark rum, ginger beer, and a squeeze of lime.

3. Coconut : For a tropical twist, coconut water is an excellent mixer for rum. It adds a refreshing and slightly nutty flavor that complements the tropical undertones of rum. Mixing rum with coconut water and a splash of pineapple juice creates a delightful tropical cocktail reminiscent of a day at the beach.

4. Fruit Juices: Rum blends beautifully with a variety of fruit juices, allowing you to create a plethora of fruity cocktails. Pineapple juice, mango juice, and passionfruit juice are particularly popular choices. Mixing rum with fruit juices creates a vibrant and flavorful cocktail that is perfect for summer gatherings or beach parties.

5. Mint and Soda Water: Mint and rum are a classic combination, as seen in the famous cocktail. Muddling fresh mint leaves with sugar and lime juice, then adding rum and soda water, creates a refreshing and herbaceous cocktail. The mint adds a burst of freshness that balances the sweetness of the rum.

6. : If you're a coffee lover, you'll appreciate the combination of rum and coffee. Mixing rum with cold brew coffee or espresso creates a rich and indulgent cocktail. Add a splash of cream or milk to create a creamy texture and enhance the coffee flavor. This mixer is perfect for after-dinner drinks or as a pick-me-up during the day.

7. Spices and Herbs: Experimenting with spices and herbs can take your rum cocktails to the next level. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and cardamom are just a few examples of spices that pair well with rum. You can infuse the rum with these spices or create a simple syrup infused with herbs like thyme or rosemary.

Remember, the key to creating a great rum mixer is to balance the flavors and let the rum shine. Whether you prefer a fruity and tropical cocktail or a more herbaceous and spicy concoction, there are endless possibilities when it comes to mixing rum. So, grab your favorite rum, get creative, and enjoy the journey of discovering your own perfect rum mixer. Cheers!