The Sizzling Summer Soundtrack: Absolut Vodka’s 2022 Commercial

Absolut is back with its latest commercial song for 2022, and it is sure to set the mood for summer in the most perfect way. This year, Absolut has partnered with chart-topping singer Lizzo to bring us the new must-sip, gotta-spritz spirit of the summer: Absolut .

To mark this collaboration, Absolut has released a larger-than-life campaign that features an all-star cast led by Academy Award winning actor Rami Malek. This commercial song showcases how different drinks and vibes can be brought to any occasion through the different flavors of Absolut Vodka.

The upbeat and uplifting tune of Jain's “Hope” sets the tone for a fun and carefree vibe that will have you wanting to grab a drink and celebrate summer in style. The commercial also features appearances from Rita Ora & Giggs who add their own unique energy to the mix with their cutting edge music.

This commercial song serves as an exciting reminder that no matter what type of drink or occasion you are loking for, there is an Absolut vodka flavor that can make it even better. So whether you're looking for something light and refreshing or something bold and daring, there is a flavor of Absolut vodka that can fit your needs perfectly.

Absolut Juice promises to be the perfect way to kick off any celebration this summer, so make sure you get your hands on some befoe they're gone!

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What is the Song Featured in the Absolute Commercial?

The song used in the Absolut Vodka commercial is “Hope” by artist Jain. It is an uplifting, upbeat track with a , tropical-inspired beat and soulful vocals. The lyrics focus on the power of hope and perseverance in the face of adversity. The song emphasizes that no matter what life throws at you, there will always be hope and light at the end of the tunnel. The melody is catchy and memorable, prviding a great backdrop to showcase each flavor of Absolut Vodka in the commercial.

Featuring in the Absolut Vodka Advert

The Absolut Vodka advert features a diverse cast of characters from all walks of life. These people are representative of different age groups, backgrounds and lifestyles. The cast includes a young professional, an adventurous couple, a partygoer and a sophisticated host. Each person is seen enjoying their own unique crafted with Absolut Vodka, and the advert showcases how everyone can enjoy the same spirit in their own individual way. Additionally, the ad is narrated by Academy Award winning actor Rami Malek.

Lizzo's ‘Juice' in Commercials

The commercial featuring Lizzo and Juice by Lizzo is a collaboration between Absolut Vodka and the artist. The ad shows Lizzo singing along to her hit single “Juice” while surrounded by a vibrant, fun summer atmosphere. It encourages viewers to embrace the spirit of summer with their own “gotta-spritz” version of the song. The commercial ends with an invitation to join Absolut in celebrating summer with their new spritzer drink, Absolut Juice.

The Slogan of Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka's slogan is “Absolut Perfection”. The phrase has been used in their advertising campaigns since 1981 and emphasizes the brand's commitment to quality and excellence in the distilling process. The phrase has come to be synonymous with the Absolut Vodka brand and is printed on their bottles and othr promotional materials.


In conclusion, Absolut Vodka's 2022 commercial song promises to bring vibrancy and flavor to any occasion. Featuring an all-star cast of Rita Ora and Giggs, and narrated by Academy Award winning actor Rami Malek, Absolut's campaign will introduce a diverse world of cocktails that align with different backgrounds, adult life stages and characteristics. Additionally, the company is introducing its newest must-sip spirit of the summer: Absolut Juice in collaboration with chart-topping singer Lizzo. With this exciting launch, Absolut Vodka is sure to create an unforgettable summer experience for all!

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