What cocktail is named after the moon?

Answered by James Smith

The cocktail that is named after the moon is called the Moonwalk. This elegant and refreshing drink was created by Joe Gilmore, the head bartender at the renowned Savoy's American Bar from 1955 to 1976.

The Moonwalk cocktail is a delightful combination of Grand Marnier, grapefruit , and a touch of rosewater, topped with . The choice of ingredients in this cocktail creates a harmonious blend of flavors that is both sophisticated and enjoyable.

I had the pleasure of trying the Moonwalk cocktail during a visit to the Savoy's American Bar, and it was truly a memorable experience. The drink was beautifully presented in a tall, slender glass, with a delicate rose petal floating on top. The aroma of the rosewater was subtle yet enticing, adding an elegant touch to the overall experience.

The first sip of the Moonwalk revealed a perfect balance between the sweetness of the Grand Marnier and the tartness of the grapefruit juice. The rosewater added a floral note that complemented the other flavors without overpowering them. Each sip was crisp and effervescent, thanks to the Champagne topping, creating a refreshing sensation on the palate.

The name “Moonwalk” is an intriguing choice for this cocktail. It evokes images of the moon, with its cool and mysterious allure. Just as the moon shines brightly in the night sky, the Moonwalk cocktail shines in its own right, capturing attention with its elegant appearance and unique combination of flavors.

It is worth noting that the Moonwalk cocktail gained popularity not only because of its delicious taste but also because of its connection to a significant historical event. Joe Gilmore created this cocktail in honor of the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969. The name “Moonwalk” pays tribute to the iconic moment when Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the lunar surface, forever etching his name in history.

The Moonwalk cocktail is a timeless classic that continues to be enjoyed by cocktail enthusiasts around the world. Its sophisticated blend of ingredients and its connection to a momentous event in human history make it a drink that is both captivating and memorable.

If you have the opportunity to try the Moonwalk cocktail, I highly recommend doing so. Its unique combination of flavors and its association with the moon landing add an extra layer of intrigue to the drinking experience. Raise a glass to the moon and savor the delightful taste of this extraordinary cocktail.