What distillery can be found in Lexington?

Answered by Kyle Floyd

In Lexington, there are several distilleries that offer a unique and immersive experience for lovers. Let me take you on a virtual tour of some of the distilleries you can find in this bourbon-rich city:

1. Buffalo Trace Distillery: Located just outside of Lexington in Frankfort, Buffalo Trace is a historic distillery with a rich heritage dating back to 1773. It offers guided tours where you can explore the aging warehouses, learn about the bourbon-making process, and even taste some of their award-winning bourbons.

2. Woodford Reserve Distillery: Situated in the scenic horse country of Versailles, a short drive from Lexington, Woodford Reserve is known for its beautifully crafted bourbon. The distillery offers guided tours that take you through their historic facility, including the copper pot stills, barrel warehouses, and bottling line. The tour ends with a tasting of their premium bourbons.

3. Four Roses Distillery: Located in Lawrenceburg, just a short distance from Lexington, Four Roses is a distillery known for its unique blending and aging techniques. Their tours allow you to explore the Spanish mission-style distillery, learn about their process of handcrafting bourbon, and taste their various expressions.

4. Town Branch Distillery: Right in the heart of Lexington, Town Branch Distillery is a must-visit for bourbon enthusiasts. They offer guided tours that take you through their state-of-the-art distillery, where you can witness the bourbon-making process from grain to bottle. The tour concludes with a tasting of their bourbons, including their flagship Town Branch Bourbon.

5. Barrel House Distilling Co.: This boutique distillery in Lexington focuses on small-batch production and prides itself on using local ingredients. They offer tours where you can see their unique pot still system, learn about their distilling techniques, and sample their handcrafted , including their bourbon.

6. Bluegrass Distillers: Another local gem, Bluegrass Distillers is a craft distillery located in Lexington. Their tours provide an up-close look at their production process, which includes milling the grains, mashing, fermentation, distillation, and aging. You can also enjoy a tasting of their bourbons, which showcase their commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

These are just a few of the distilleries you can find in and around Lexington. Each offers its own distinct experience, showcasing the rich bourbon heritage of the region. Whether you're a connoisseur or simply curious about the bourbon-making process, a visit to any of these distilleries is sure to leave you with a newfound appreciation for America's native spirit.