Pineapple Gum Syrup

Pineapple gum syrup, also known as ‘gomme sirop', is a delicious and versatile ingredient that adds a burst of fresh fruit flavor to . Made from a blend of 60% golden pineapple , cane sugar, and gum arabic, this syrup offers a rich texture and enhances the taste of various drinks.

The main ingredient in pineapple gum syrup is the golden pineapple juice. The spiky pineapple fruit is known for its juicy and sweet flesh, and this flavor is captured in the syrup. The juice of the pineapple is blended with sugar to create a sweet and sticky syrup that retains the characteristic taste of the fruit.

In addition to pineapple juice and sugar, gum arabic is added to the syrup. Gum arabic is the crystallized sap of the acacia tree and is commonly used as a stabilizer and thickening agent in various food and products. In the case of pineapple gum syrup, gum arabic adds a mellowing mouthfeel, enhancing the overall texture and taste of the syrup.

The resulting syrup is a transparent liquid with a slight ivory color. It has a light orange blossom scent, thanks to the addition of orange blossom extracts. This subtle floral aroma adds an extra layer of complexity to the syrup, making it even more appealing in cocktails.

Pineapple gum syrup is a preferred ingredient for many classic and cocktails, especially sours. Its rich texture and balanced sweetness make it an excellent choice for enhancing the flavors of various , such as , , or . Whether you're making a pineapple , a pineapple daiquiri, or a pineapple sour, this syrup will elevate your cocktail game.

Not only does pineapple gum syrup add flavor and texture to cocktails, but it also provides a delightful visual element. Its golden hue and glossy appearance can make any cocktail look more appealing and inviting.

To use pineapple gum syrup in your cocktails, simply add it to the other ingredients in your recipe and shake or stir well. The syrup blends easily and evenly, ensuring that the flavors are well incorporated.

Pineapple gum syrup is a versatile and delicious ingredient that adds a burst of fresh fruit flavor to cocktails. Made from a blend of golden pineapple juice, cane sugar, and gum arabic, this syrup offers a rich texture and mellowing mouthfeel. Its subtle orange blossom aroma and golden hue make it a visually appealing addition to any cocktail. Give it a try and elevate your cocktail game with the sweet and tangy flavors of pineapple gum syrup.

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What Is Pineapple Gum Syrup?

Pineapple gum syrup is a type of syrup that is primarily made from golden pineapple juice. It contains a high concentration of 60% pineapple juice, which gives it a classic and refreshing fruit flavor. The syrup is created by combining the pineapple juice with cane sugar and gum arabic.

Cane sugar is used to sweeten the syrup and enhance its overall taste. It adds a rich and sweet flavor that complements the natural sweetness of the pineapple juice. Gum arabic, also known as acacia gum, is added to the syrup to improve its texture and consistency. It acts as a natural thickening agent, giving the syrup a smooth and velvety feel.

The combination of the pineapple juice, cane sugar, and gum arabic creates a superior cocktail ingredient. The syrup provides a burst of fruity flavor, making it a popular choice for adding a tropical twist to cocktails. Its rich texture and smoothness make it easy to incorporate into various drink recipes.

Pineapple gum syrup is a delicious and versatile syrup made from 60% golden pineapple juice, cane sugar, and gum arabic. Its fresh fruit flavor, rich texture, and superior quality make it an excellent choice for enhancing the taste of cocktails.

What Does Gum Syrup Do?

Gum syrup, also known as gomme sirop, is a type of sugar syrup that contains gum arabic. Gum arabic is a natural substance derived from the sap of the acacia tree. When added to sugar syrup, gum arabic enhances the mouthfeel of the syrup, creating a smoother and more velvety texture. This unique characteristic makes gum syrup a popular ingredient in various cocktails, particularly those that require a sour flavor profile.

The addition of gum arabic in gum syrup provides several benefits to cocktails:

1. Mouthfeel: Gum arabic adds a mellowing effect to the syrup, giving it a smoother and silkier texture. This enhanced mouthfeel contributes to the overall drinking experience of cocktails.

2. Emulsification: Gum arabic acts as an emulsifier, helping to blend and stabilize the ingredients in a cocktail. This is particularly useful when combining ingredients that may not naturally mix well together.

3. Sweetness control: Gum syrup allows for better control over the sweetness level in cocktails. By using gum syrup instead of regular sugar syrup, bartenders can achieve a more balanced and controlled level of sweetness.

4. Flavor integration: The addition of gum arabic can help to integrate flavors more effectively, allowing for a more harmonious taste in cocktails. This is especially beneficial in cocktails that incorporate acidic or tart ingredients, as gum syrup can help to balance out the flavors.

Gum syrup is a versatile ingredient that enhances the texture, mouthfeel, and flavor profile of cocktails. Its unique properties make it a valuable addition to any mixologist's arsenal when creating delicious and well-balanced drinks.


Pineapple gum syrup is a high-quality cocktail ingredient that offers a classic and refreshing fruit flavor. With its 60% golden pineapple juice content, the syrup captures the juicy and sweet taste of the pineapple fruit. The addition of cane sugar and gum arabic gives the syrup a rich texture and mellowing mouthfeel, making it an excellent choice for cocktails, especially sours. The syrup's golden yellow color and light orange blossom scent further enhance its appeal. pineapple gum syrup is a versatile and delicious addition to any cocktail enthusiast's collection, adding a delightful burst of pineapple goodness to drinks.

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