What does lace mean in slang?

Answered by Charles Pate

In slang, the term “lace” can have a couple of different meanings depending on the context. One common usage of this term is to refer to being under the influence of a drink or drug. When someone says they are “laced,” it means that they are intoxicated or high. This usage often implies that the substance consumed was particularly potent or had unexpected effects.

I remember a time when I was at a party in college and someone offered me a drink that was supposedly laced with a strong hallucinogenic drug. I declined, not wanting to experience such a potent substance without knowing exactly what I was getting into. The idea of being laced with something that could alter my perception so drastically was quite intimidating.

Another meaning of “lace” in slang is related to fashion and style. When someone is described as being “laced,” it means that they are dressed in high-end clothing and adorned with expensive jewelry. This usage is often associated with a sense of status and wealth.

I’ve seen this usage of “lace” in action during fashion shows and events where celebrities and wealthy individuals showcase their designer outfits and accessories. They would be described as being “laced up” to indicate that they are impeccably dressed and exuding luxury.

Furthermore, the phrase “getting laced up” can also be used to mean getting ready to compete or fight. It implies that someone is preparing themselves mentally and physically for a challenge. This could involve training, strategizing, or simply getting into the right mindset to face an opponent.

I recall a time when I was training for a martial arts tournament. My coach would always push us hard during our training sessions, ensuring that we were getting laced up properly for the upcoming fights. It wasn’t just about physical conditioning but also about mental preparation and focus.

To summarize, in slang, “lace” can mean being intoxicated on a potent substance or being dressed in high-end clothing and jewelry. It can also refer to getting ready to compete or fight. The usage of this term can vary depending on the context, but it often carries connotations of intensity, luxury, and preparation.