What is a slim quarter keg?

Answered by Charles Pate

The slim quarter keg is a tall and slender keg that is designed to hold the same amount of liquid as its stubbier counterpart, the quarter barrel keg. With its unique dimensions, this keg has become a popular choice for individuals who own dual-tap kegerators. It offers a capacity of 7.75 gallons, which is more than two gallons larger than a sixtel keg.

In my experience as a sommelier and brewer, I have come across various keg styles and sizes, each with its own advantages and purposes. The slim quarter keg stands out due to its shape, which allows it to fit easily into kegerators without taking up too much space. This is particularly useful for individuals who enjoy having a variety of beers on tap at any given time.

One of the benefits of the slim quarter keg is its capacity. With 7.75 gallons of liquid, it is a great choice for small gatherings or events where a larger keg might be too much. It strikes a balance between the smaller sixtel keg and the larger half barrel keg, making it suitable for intimate gatherings or personal use.

Another advantage of the slim quarter keg is its versatility. Due to its narrower shape, it can easily fit into smaller spaces, such as refrigerators or kegerators with limited room. This allows enthusiasts to have multiple kegs on tap, offering a wider selection of brews to cater to different tastes and preferences. It also makes it easier to store and transport compared to larger keg sizes.

When it comes to serving beer from the slim quarter keg, it is important to note that it requires a compatible kegerator setup. This typically includes a dual-tap system, allowing for two different beers to be dispensed simultaneously. This is ideal for those who enjoy hosting parties or gatherings where guests have different beer preferences. It adds an element of variety and choice to the drinking experience.

The slim quarter keg is a tall and slender keg that holds 7.75 gallons of liquid. Its unique shape and size make it a popular choice for individuals with dual-tap kegerators, as it allows for a wider selection of beers to be served. It is versatile, fitting into smaller spaces and offering a capacity that strikes a balance between smaller and larger keg sizes. Whether you are hosting a small gathering or simply enjoy having a variety of beers on tap, the slim quarter keg is a practical and convenient choice.