What style of beer is Eliot Ness?

Answered by James Smith

Eliot Ness is a that falls into the Vienna-style category, also known as a Vienna Lager. This style of beer originated in Vienna, Austria in the 19th century and is characterized by its deep amber-red color and malty flavors.

When you pour a glass of Eliot Ness, you'll immediately notice its rich hue, which ranges from a deep amber to a reddish-brown. This color comes from the use of Vienna , a type of malt that is kilned at a slightly higher temperature than pale malt, resulting in a more intense color and flavor profile.

One of the defining characteristics of a Vienna Lager is its fragrant malt aroma. As you bring the glass to your nose, you'll be greeted with a delightful scent of caramelized malt. This aroma is reminiscent of freshly baked bread or toasted grains, and it sets the stage for the flavors to come.

Taking your first sip of Eliot Ness, you'll immediately notice the complex malt profile. The caramelized malt flavors shine through, offering a rich and slightly sweet taste. The malt character is well-balanced, with a smooth and clean finish that leaves you wanting more.

Noble , such as Saaz or Tettnang, are often used in Vienna Lagers to provide a subtle hop presence that complements the malt flavors without overpowering them. These hops add a touch of bitterness and a floral or herbal note, further enhancing the overall balance of the beer.

The combination of the malt and hop flavors in Eliot Ness creates a harmonious and well-rounded taste experience. The malt sweetness is balanced by the hop bitterness, resulting in a beer that is neither too sweet nor too . This balance makes it a highly drinkable beer that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with a variety of foods.

Personally, I have always been drawn to Vienna Lagers for their depth of flavor and smoothness. I find that the caramelized malt flavors in Eliot Ness provide a comforting and satisfying drinking experience. Whether I'm enjoying a glass after a long day or pairing it with a hearty meal, this style of beer never fails to impress.

Eliot Ness is a Vienna-style lager that showcases the beauty of caramelized malt flavors and noble hop aromas. Its deep amber-red color, fragrant malt aroma, and flavorful taste make it a standout beer in the Vienna Lager category. Whether you're a fan of malty beers or looking to explore new styles, Eliot Ness is definitely worth a try.