Sip on a Sweet and Tart Soco Lime Shot!

Soco lime shots are a classic combination of Southern Comfort (Soco) and lime . The sweet, tart taste of this drink is perfect for a night out with friends or just a casual get-together. The recipe is simple, but the flavor can be quite complex! Here's how to make the perfect Soco lime shot.

First, you will need to gather your ingredients: 2 ounces of Soco whiskey, 1 ounce of lime juice, and ice. Make sure to use fresh lime juice for best results. Next, fill a rocks glass with ice. Pour in the Soco and then top it off with the lime juice. Give it a stir to mix everything togeher and you're ready to go!

The beauty of this drink lies in its simplicity – no fancy mixers needed here! However, if you want to kick up the alcoholic content of your shot, add an extra ounce or two of Soco for each ounce of lime juice used. Shake everything up with ice and strain into another glass for extra bubbly goodness.

Soco lime shots are an easy way to get your party going! Don't forget to garnish with a twist of fresh lime before serving so your guests can enjoy that citrusy aroma as they sip their drinks. And if you want to experiment further, try adding other liqueurs like cherry or amaretto for added depth and complexity. Whatever you choose, this classic combination is one that never fails to impress!

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The Ingredients of a Shot of Southern Comfort

A shot of Southern Comfort (SoCo) is a spirit-based that is typically made with two parts Southern Comfort to one part lime juice. It is traditionally served in a shot glass, although you can also serve it as a cocktail. The ingredients are simple and include two ounces of Southern Comfort, one ounce of lime juice and a dash of sugar syrup (optional). Shake with ice to mix the ingredients together and strain into the glass. Enjoy your SoCo shot!

The Benefits of Southern Comfort Lime

Southern Comfort Lime is a flavored whiskey that is made with the popular American whiskey, Southern Comfort. It is a combination of the original whiskey and lime flavors, which creates a refreshing balance of sweet and tart citrus notes. The shot glass allows you to taste all the flavor notes without overwhelming your palate. The addition of lime juice and a lime wedge adds an extra zing to the drink, perfect for any occasion!

Alcohol Content of Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort is considered to have a high content. With an ABV of 35%, or 70 proof, it contains more alcohol than most whiskeys and other , which generally have an ABV of 40% or 80 proof. Although the exact amount of alcohol varies with each brand and type of spirit, Southern Comfort tends to be higher in alcohol content than many other drinks. Therefore, it is considered high in alcohol.


The SoCo lime shot is a classic, easy-to-make cocktail that packs a punch. With only two ingredients – Southern Comfort and lime juice – this drink offers an interesting combination of sweet, sour, and alcohol flavors that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Whether you choose to add extra alcohol for an extra kick or keep it low key with the same ratio of Southern Comfort and lime juice, this cocktail is sure to please. The SoCo lime shot is a great way to enjoy an easy-to-make and versatile drink.

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