A Delicious Review of Pinaq Liqueur

Introducing Pinaq – a luxurious blend of French VSOP , Premium Dutch and a splash of . This unique combination creates an exquisite taste experience that will make any occasion special.

The first thing you'll notice when tasting Pinaq Liqueur is its tropical fruit blend – it has an acidic and sweet taste on the tongue at entry, follwed by a smooth warming effect of the cognac. Pinaq is handcrafted using 5 times distilled premium vodka and aged French VSOP Cognac, as well as exotic fruit juices and hints of sweet saffron. You can enjoy it straight or mix with a little fruit for an extra refreshing drink.

We highly recommend giving Pinaq Liqueur a try if you're looking for something special to make your next occasion memorable. The sweet smell of citrus, passionfruit and other exotic fruits will fill the room, while the smoothness of the cognac adds a unique warmth to the drink. It's truly an unforgettable experience!

So why not give Pinaq Liqueur a try? It's sure to be a hit at any gathering and will definitely impress your guests with its unique flavor profile. You won't be disappointed!

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What Does Pinaq Taste Like?

Pinaq is an exotic blend of tropical fruits that have been expertly crafted to create a unique flavor profile. Upon entry, you'll experience a tantalizing combination of sweet and acidic notes on the tongue, followed by a smooth warmth from the French VSOP Cognac. The liqueur also contains premium Dutch vodka and a splash of rosé wine for added complexity. Together, these ingredients create an incredibly flavorful and balanced spirit that's perfect for sipping neat or mixing into your favorite .

Can You Drink Pinaq Without Mixing?

Yes, you can drink Pinaq straight. It is a premium distilled from only the finest sugar cane and infused with real pineapple. The smooth flavor and sweet aroma make it an excellent sipping rum. It can be enjoyed neat, over ice, or mixed with a little fruit juice for a refreshingly delicious cocktail. Either way, you won't be disappointed!

What Is Pinaq?

Pinaq is an alcoholic liqueur made from a combination of premium French VSOP Cognac and Dutch Vodka. It is flavored with the sweetness of passion fruit, pineapple and honey for a unique fruity taste. Pinaq has a smooth finish that will tantalize your taste buds, making it perfect for sipping on its own or mixed in your favorite cocktails.


In conclusion, Piñaq Original Liqueur is an exceptionally unique and flavorful drink that combines French VSOP Cognac and Premium Dutch Vodka with tropical fruits like passion fruit, pineapple, honey, and saffron. This perfect blend of exotic flavors creates a refreshing and smooth that offers a sweet and acidic taste on the tongue at entry. The finish is warm with the well-balanced cognac providing an extra layer of complexity. Whether enjoyed neat or mixed with fruit juice, this liqueur is sure to please all palates.

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