The Uniquely Bold and Flavorful of Honkers Ale

Honker's is a classic British ale that has been around for over 30 years. This full-bodied is characterized by its malty sweetness and subtle hop bitterness, making it a favorite among beer lovers.

The recipe for Honker's Ale was first developed in England in the late 1980s. It was originally brewed at the Goose Island Brewery in London and quickly gained popularity due to its unique taste. This beer has since becoe one of the most popular ales in Britain and is now available around the world.

Honker's Ale features a deep golden color with a creamy white head that dissipates quickly. On the nose, this beer offers aromas of toasted , caramel, and light floral notes. On the palate, it presents flavors of sweet grainy malt, subtle hops bitterness, and hints of citrus fruit. The finish is clean and refreshing with just a hint of lingering bitterness.

Honker's Ale pairs well with many different types of food including grilled meats, fish dishes, and pub fare such as burgers and fries. It also makes an excellent accompaniment to hard cheeses such as cheddar or Gouda as well as desserts like chocolate cake or brownies.

If you're looking for a classic British ale that offers great flavor without being too intense or heavy on the palate then give Honker's Ale a try! With its smooth maltiness and balanced hop bitterness this beer will not disappoint!

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What Happened to Goose Island Honkers Ale?

Goose Island Honkers Ale, a once popular American-style ale, has been demoted from the Goose Island lineup. In its place, Goose Island has introduced tree new brews that better reflect current tastes in : Next Coast , Natural Villain and SPF, a fruity ale. Honkers Ale was initially launched in 1992 and quickly became a favorite for its easy drinking and approachable bitterness. However, as craft beer trends shifted towards hoppy IPAs and lighter lagers, Honkers Ale gradually lost popularity. Despite being around for almost three decades, Goose Island decided to discontinue the beloved brew and focus on more styles.

Tasting Notes for Goose Island Beer

Goose Island beer has a sweet and grainy malt flavor, with notes of lychee, pineapple, orange, and lemon. The bitterness is distinct but fades away quickly from the front of the tongue. The body of the beer is light, allowing for the hops to be more pronounced in the taste. As it finishes, a grapefruit hops bitterness emerges with a slight citrus sweetness.

Did Anheuser-Busch InBev Purchase Goose Island?

Yes, in 2011 Anheuser-Busch (aka Budweiser) acquired Goose Island Beer Company. This acquisition has allowed Goose Island to expand its reach both nationwide and internationally, giving beer lovers more access to their delicious brews. While still maintaining its commitment to quality, innovation and authenticity in , Goose Island now has the ability to share its products with a much wider audience.

Goose Island Sale Price

Goose Island, a craft beer brewery, sold for an impressive $38.8 million in 2011. The sale was announced on March 28th, 10 years ago, and it sent shockwaves throughout the industry. This sizable sum was paid by Anheuser-Busch InBev, one of the world's largest companies. This amount was surprising to many at the time and still stands as one of the largest acquisitions of a craft beer company to this day. The sale has since been credited with driving a significant growth in the craft beer industry.


Honker's Ale, a flagship beer from Goose Island, has been demoted in favor of three more modern and popular beers: Next Coast IPA, Natural Villain Lager, and SPF. Despite its long history of success, the ale has become outdated in terms of appeal to modern tastes. The ale is characterized by sweet grainy malt and lychee notes, along with fleeting but firm bitterness that dissipates quickly from the front of the tongue. It also features a moderate citrus and pine flavor profile balanced with caramel malt and a red hue. While Honker's Ale may no longer be as popular as it once was, it still remains an iconic beer in the craft beer world, and its presence will be missed by many loyal drinkers.

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