The Tanqueray Sevilla Gin: Where Can I Buy

Tanqueray Sevilla is an orange flavored gin crafted using Charles Tanqueray's original recipe book and the ripening oranges of Seville, Spain. The unique flavor of this gin comes from the orange essences and other fine botanicals that have been distilled to create a smooth, citrusy, and slightly sweet taste. The perfect accompaniment to any summer cocktail or G&T, Tanqueray Sevilla is sure to add a refreshing twist to your favorite beverages.

For those looking to buy Tanqueray Sevilla Gin, it's available in most major retailers such as Waitrose and Tesco in the UK or online through Amazon or Master of . Prices for a 70cl bottle range from £19-£27 depending on retailer and location.

For those looking for a unique twist on their favorite drinks, Tanqueray Sevilla Gin will crtainly add some zest. Whether you're looking for something special for your summer G&T's or just want to experiment with different flavors in your , Tanqueray Sevilla Gin will provide you with an enjoyable experience every time.

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Choosing the Best Mixer for Tanqueray Sevilla

The best mixer for Tanqueray Sevilla is Premium tonic. This combination of sweet orange essences and crisp, refreshing tonic enhances the unique flavor of the gin. The natural citrus oil in Sevilla pairs perfectly with the subtle bitterness of the tonic, creating a truly unforgettable flavor experience. For an extra special touch, garnish your drink with a squeeze of fresh orange wedge to really bring out the bold citrus notes in the gin. Enjoy!

Is Tanqueray Sevilla Gin Sweet?

Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla gin is not overly sweet, but it has a nice balance of orange notes that give it a slight sweetness. It is still very much a gin, not a , so the sweetness is subtle and complements the other juniper and citrus flavors in the spirit. This makes it great for mixing cocktails or for enjoying in a G&T.

Origin of Tanqueray Sevilla

Tanqueray Sevilla is a unique orange-flavored gin distilled in Seville, Spain. It was inspired by Charles Tanqueray's original recipe book and the ripening oranges growing on the trees in sun-drenched Seville Spain. The gin is made with orange essences and other fine botanicals to create a one-of-a-kind flavor. Seville is located in the southern region of Spain, and is known for its vibrant culture and warm climate. The city's streets are lined with orange trees, making it the perfect spot to produce Tanqueray Sevilla.

Serving Tanqueray Sevilla

To serve Tanqueray Sevilla, start by filling a glass with ice. Pour in 30ml of Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Distilled Gin, followed by 45ml of orange , 45ml of wine, and 15ml of water. Stir the ingredients together until well combined and garnish with a slice of orange for a refreshing twist. Enjoy!

Is Tanqueray Gin a Top Shelf Gin?

Yes, Tanqueray gin is considered a top-shelf gin. It is made with four carefully selected botanicals (juniper, coriander, angelica root, and liquorice) which create a smooth and balanced taste. Tanqueray is distilled four times to remove impurities and give it a clean finish. The iconic green bottle also sets it apart from other gins. With its crisp and complex flavor profile, it is the perfect addition to any cocktail.


Tanqueray Sevilla Gin is a unique and tantalizing gin made with orange essences and other fine botanicals. Drawing inspiration from Charles Tanqueray's original recipe book, the ripening oranges of Seville Spain, and the sun-drenched climate of the region, this gin is perfectly balanced with sweet orange notes. With a lower alcohol content than most gins and no fat or sugar, it can be enjoyed by itself or as part of a refreshing cocktail. Whether you're looking for something to enjoy on its own or to mix up an interesting drink, Tanqueray Sevilla Gin is sure to please.

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