The Bold Flavors of Talisker Storm Single Malt Whisky!

If you're looking for a whisky that packs a peaty punch, then Talisker Storm Single Whisky is the one for you. This award-winning single malt is distilled on the Isle of Skye and is made up of whiskies aged between 3 and 25 years. It's designed to fit between Talisker 10 Year Whisky and Talisker Distiller's Edition in the distillery's portfolio.

The nose is delicate and soft with peat, smoke and sweetness. There are hints of sea salt and honey as well as a soft fruity note which make it surprisingly sweet. Adding a few drops of tames the sweetness on the aroma, bringing out some lemon peel. The palate becoes brighter with tart high notes, which makes it less cloying.

Talisker Storm has won multiple awards including Double Gold Medal at San Francisco World Competition 2017 as well as gold medals from both the International & Spirits Competition 2016 and International Spirits Challenge 2016.

This single malt whisky makes for a great gift or special treat for yourself! Enjoy it neat or with a few drops of water to bring out its unique flavor profile. Cheers!

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The Taste of Talisker Storm

Talisker Storm has a bold and smoky flavor with a hint of sweetness. The peat smoke is intense on the palate, but it is balanced out by notes of honey and sea salt. You can also detect a subtle hint of fruitiness as you sip. The finish is long and savory, leaving behind a pleasant smoky aftertaste.

The Age of Talisker Storm

Talisker Storm is a single malt whisky comprised of whiskies from the Talisker distillery that have been aged for between 3 and 25 years. This creates a balance between the robust smokiness of Talisker 10 Year Whisky and the complex sweetness of Talisker Distiller's Edition. As such, Talisker Storm has no definitive aging statement, but instead is made up of a blend of whiskies aged for anywhere between 3 to 25 years.


Talisker Storm is a bold, heavily peated single malt whisky that offers a unique combination of flavors. It has an aroma of peat smoke, sea salt, honey and a soft fruity note, while the palate is sweet and smooth with hints of vanilla, spice and lemon peel. With the addition of a few drops of water, the sweetness on the aroma is tamed and the palate becomes brighter and more tart. All in all, Talisker Storm is an excellent whisky that should be enjoyed slowly to appreciate its unique flavor profile.

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