Savour the Rich Flavour of Pommery Brut Royal!

Pommery Brut Royal is a classic that has been around for more than two centuries. It's a non-vintage brut and is made from a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay grapes. This champagne has a lively, vibrant nose with aromas of citrus, white fruit, and subtle notes of fresh bread. On the palate you'll find flavors of lime, red currants, blackberries and a smooth finish. The champagne has a light body with soft creaminess.

When serving Pommery Brut Royal it's best to chill it down to abot 8°C (46°F). The delicate bubbles bring out all the aroma and flavor profiles of this luxurious bubbly. To get the most out of your experience it's recommended to drink it in flutes or tulip shaped so you can enjoy its persistent mousse and playful play on your palate.

Pair this delicious dry with some fish and chips or oher light appetizers like caviar or seared scallops. Its well-balanced structure with fresh acidity makes it an ideal accompaniment to seafood dishes or charcuterie boards.

Overall, Pommery Brut Royal is an elegant and exquisite champagne that should not be missed! With its bright apple, raspberry and dried strawberry flavors complemented by soft orange and citrusy notes, this delightful bubbly will make any occasion memorable. So why wait? Grab yourself a bottle today!

The Quality of Pommery Brut Royal Champagne

Yes, Pommery Brut Royale Champagne is a great choice. This non-vintage champagne has a vibrant, toasty flavor with notes of bright apple, raspberry, dried strawberry, soft orange, and citrus. The mousse is persistent and playful, making it an enjoyable to drink on its own or with food such as fish and chips. It has received an excellent score of 94/100 for its quality and taste.

The Characteristics of Pommery Brut Royal

Pommery Brut Royal is a premium dry champagne produced by the house of Pommery, located in the Champagne region of France. This champagne is made using a blend of thee grape varieties – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier – and has an content of 12% ABV. Notably, Brut Royal contains less than 12 g/L of sugar, which makes it a particularly dry champagne.

On the nose, you'll notice fresh citrus aromas and white fruit notes. The palate is fine and round with delicate notes of red fruits leading to a smooth and lingering finish. The bright acidity and elegant bubbles make this an ideal choice for any special occasion or celebration.

The Quality of Pommery Champagne

Pommery Champagne is a high-quality wine that offers an enjoyable drinking experience. It has a delicate, fine mousse and a light golden hue, with aromas of white flowers, citrus fruits, and hints of freshly baked bread. On the palate it is well balanced, with a lively, refreshing acidity and quite fruit-forward, with notes of yellow apple and warm brioche. It has a light body and a soft, creamy finish that lingers pleasantly on the tongue. All in all, Pommery Champagne is an excellent choice for any special occasion or to enjoy as an aperitif.

The Taste of Brut: Sweet or Bitter?

Brut sparkling wine is actually neither sweet nor . It is made with a specific level of sweetness, as dictated by the amount of d'expedition added. Generally, brut is considered to be the driest style of sparkling wine, meaning it has less residual sugar than othr styles and tastes more dry and crisp. That being said, there is still a range of sweetness within the brut category. For example, some bottles may taste slightly sweeter than others; however, none will be as sweet as demi-sec or doux.

The Health Benefits of Drinking Champagne

When it comes to choosing the healthiest Champagne to drink, organic Champagnes are the way to go. Organic Champagnes are made with grapes that have been grown without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, and they also don't contain sulfites, whch can be an allergen for some people. Some of the best organic Champagnes available in 2022 include Philippe Philizot et Fils Organic, Duval-Leroy Organic Cuvee Brut, Lanson Green Label Organic Brut, Sonate No. 2 Extra Brut Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs from Suenen, and Billecart Salmon Demi-Sec Naturel. All of these organic options are low in calories and have a clean flavor profile due to their minimal processing. For a truly healthy indulgence, look for labels that indicate “Extra Brut” or “Brut Nature” as those contain less sugar than other choices.

The Effects of Drinking Brut on Intoxication

Yes, brut can get you drunk. Brut is a type of sparkling wine that has a higher alcohol content than regular wine and contains more carbon dioxide bubbles. The bubbles in brut help to release more alcohol into the bloodstream faster, which means that drinking brut can lead to quicker intoxication. It's important to remember to drink responsibly and not overindulge when consuming brut or any oher alcoholic beverages.

pommery brut royal

The Health Benefits of Brut Wine

Yes, Brut wine can be a healthy choice for those looking to enjoy an alcoholic beverage. As it is made from grapes and does not contain any added sugars, Brut wine can provide some health benefits such as antioxidants. Additionally, since it typically has a lower alcohol content than other types of wine (typically 12% ABV), it is easier on the body. However, it is important to keep in mind that consuming too much of any type of alcohol can have negative health effects.


Pommery Brut Royal is an elegant and lively non-vintage champagne, perfect for special occasions or as a luxurious treat. Its light body and soft, creamy finish make it a refreshing and delightful choice for any event. On the nose it offers citrus and white fruit aromas, while on the palate there are notes of lime, redcurrants and blackberries. The finish is smooth and well structured. Enjoy this champagne chilled with fish and chips or any other favorite dish to experience its full flavor potential.

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