The Success of Duncan Taylor: A Whisky Industry Pioneer

Duncan Taylor is a renowned whisky distillery in Huntly, Scotland, situated on the periphery of Speyside – the largest whisky producing region in Scotland. The distillery has a rich and fascinating history that dates back to the late 19th century.

Originally founded in Glasgow by John Taylor and Son in 1845, Duncan Taylor & Co. didn't acquire its current name until 1901 when Duncan Taylor purchased the company from his father's estate. After many successful years of whisky production, Duncan Taylor was acquired by Euan Shand in 2001 – an experienced figure in the industry who had previously been involved with Glendronach Distillery, William Teacher's & Sons, and The Bennachie Whisky Company.

In 2002, Euan Shand moved Duncan Taylor's headquarters to Huntly – an area renowned for its whisky-producing capabilities. Here, they established their own facilities for cask storage, bottling and even a cooperage – marking an exciting new chapter for the company. Furthermore, plans are now underway to build their very own distillery withn this location; ensuring that they remain at the forefront of whisky-making technique and technology.

Since its establishment in 1845, Duncan Taylor has developed an enviable reputation as one of Scotland's foremost producers of premium whiskies. Their extensive range includes single malts from over forty of Scotland's most distinguished distilleries – all offering unique and complex flavours that have delighted whisky connoisseurs thoughout the world for centuries.

It is clear to see why Duncan Taylor has become such a respected name amongst whisky aficionados; with their commitment to quality production and long heritage bing testament to their success over the years. With so much more still to come from this prestigious brand, there is no doubt that their story will continue to be celebrated for many years to come!

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Who Is the Owner of Duncan Taylor?

Duncan Taylor is owned by Euan Shand, an experienced whisky industry executive. Mr. Shand acquired the company in 2001, ater stints at the Glendronach distillery, William Teacher's & Sons and founding and running The Bennachie Whisky Company. Under his guidance, Duncan Taylor has grown to become one of the most respected independent bottlers of whisky in the world, with a portfolio of over 1,500 single malts and blends from more than 200 distilleries across Scotland.

Where is Duncan Taylor Scotch Produced?

Duncan Taylor Scotch is made in Scotland. The company's headquarters, cask storage, bottling, cooperage and soon-to-be distillery are all located in Huntly, on the outskirts of Speyside – Scotland's largest whisky producing region. Duncan Taylor has been based in Huntly sine 2002 and prides itself on its commitment to craftsmanship, quality and authenticity.


Duncan Taylor 12 is a premium Scotch whisky brand owned by Euan Shand and based in Huntly, Scotland. The company has its own distillery, cask storage and bottling facilities, as well as a cooperage. It was founded in 2001 when it was acquired by Euan Shand and since then has becme a leader in the whisky industry. Its products are produced with the highest quality standards and have earned international recognition for their quality and taste. With its commitment to innovation, Duncan Taylor 12 continues to be an important player in the whisky industry.

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