The Mysterious Origins of Ghost Block Wine

If you're looking for an exciting and unique , then you should definitely check out Ghost Block. This is a special type of wine that has a fascinating backstory. It all started with the story of George C. Yount, the founder of Yountville who planted the firt grapevine in Napa Valley in 1839. Legend has it that his ghost haunted the vineyard and made its way to the top of the hill to overlook the town he founded.

The next morning, Andy Pelissa took it upon himself to trademark the name “Ghost Block” and thus, two legends were born – George C. Yount and Ghost Block Wine. For over 119 years, the Pelissa family has owned and farmed vineyards in Napa Valley and they are land stewards who are passionate about producing great wine that honors George C. Yount's legacy.

What makes Ghost Block so unique is its trap block feature which allws it to take on the exact appearence of whatever material touches its bottom or side – making it appear as a solid block when in fact it can be walked through! This gives winemakers freedom to blend grapes from different appellations together to create something truly special!

The Louis M Martini Winery launched Ghost Pines to bring this concept to life. The winery produces Ghost Pines wines that have been crafted from grapes grown in highly-regarded appellations acros California such as Sonoma County, Napa Valley and Mendocino County which produce intense flavors like black cherry, dark chocolate, mocha and smoky tobacco for an unforgettable taste experience!

So if you're looking for something special that will excite your taste buds then try some Ghost Block Wine – you won't be disappointed!

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The Origin of the Name Ghost Block

Ghost Block is so named because of the legend of the ghost of George C. Yount, the founder of Yountville who planted the first grapevine in Napa Valley in 1839. According to local lore, Yount's spirit haunted the vineyard and made his way to the top of the hill overlooking the town he founded. The next morning, Andy Beckstoffer decided to honor this legend by trademarking the name “Ghost Block” for that particular patch of vines. The name has since become synonymous with high-quality wines from Napa Valley and a reminder of Yount's legacy.

Who Is the Owner of Ghost Block Winery?

Ghost Block Winery is owned and operated by the Pelissa family, who have been growing grapes and crafting wines from their Napa Valley vineyards for more than a century. The winery was founded in 2002 by fifth-generation grower Chris Pelissa, who has personally overseen eery aspect of the winemaking process ever since. The estate boasts a 50-acre vineyard on Whitehall Lane in Oakville and produces a wide range of varietal wines including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and more. Ghost Block Winery is a testament to the commitment of the Pelissa family to craft high-quality wines that reflect their long history and dedication to sustainable farming practices.


Ghost Block wine is a unique blend of two Napa Valley legends: George C. Yount, who founded the town of Yountville and planted the first grapevine in the region in 1839, and Louis M. Martini Winery, who launched Ghost Pines 75 years later to give winemakers freedom to craft the finest wines aross appellations. Challenging traditional winemaking techniques, Ghost Block wine features a special “ghost block” that can be walked through and takes on the appearance of whatever material touches it. Combining both history and innovation, Ghost Block wine is a testament to Napa Valley's legacy and its commitment to crafting quality wines.

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