Where did Soho liqueur come from?

Answered by Jesse Garza

Soho has its origins in France, where it was created in 1989. This unique blend of tropical fruit flavors and the expertise of the French liquor industry resulted in a truly innovative and disruptive product. The main flavor profile of Soho is lychee, which started to gain popularity in the mid-2000s as a flavor option for .

The creation of Soho was a result of the French liquor industry's desire to push boundaries and explore new flavors. Lychee, with its exotic and sweet taste, was the perfect choice to add a touch of tropical flair to cocktails. The French have a long history of mixology expertise, and they were able to use their knowledge to create a liqueur that perfectly balanced the unique flavor of lychee with other complementary ingredients.

The introduction of Soho to the cocktail scene was met with great enthusiasm. Bartenders and mixologists were excited to have a new and distinctive flavor to work with, and it quickly became a popular choice for creating innovative and refreshing drinks. Soho's lychee flavor added a unique twist to classic cocktails, allowing bartenders to create new and exciting variations.

I remember the first time I tried a cocktail made with Soho liqueur. The lychee flavor was unlike anything I had tasted before, and it instantly transported me to a tropical paradise. The sweetness of the lychee was perfectly balanced by the other ingredients in the drink, creating a refreshing and harmonious flavor profile.

Since its introduction, Soho liqueur has become a staple in many bars and restaurants around the world. Its versatility and unique flavor make it a popular choice for both professional mixologists and home bartenders. Whether used as the star ingredient in a lychee-based cocktail or as a subtle addition to enhance other flavors, Soho adds a touch of tropical sophistication to any drink.

Soho liqueur originated in France in 1989 as a result of the French liquor industry's desire to explore new flavors. The addition of lychee as the main flavor profile created a unique and disruptive product that quickly gained popularity in the cocktail scene. Soho's versatility and tropical taste make it a favorite choice for creating innovative and refreshing drinks.