Who owns Fortaleza?

Answered by Joseph Earl

Fortaleza is owned and operated by Guillermo Erickson Sauza, a member of the Sauza family, which has a long and storied history in the tequila industry. Guillermo is the fifth generation of his family to be involved in the tequila business, and his great-great grandfather, Cenobio Sauza, was the founder of the Sauza distillery back in 1843.

Growing up in a family with such a rich tequila heritage, Guillermo developed a deep passion for the spirit from a young age. He was surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of the distillery, and he learned about the intricacies of tequila production from his family members. This upbringing instilled in him a strong commitment to preserving the traditional methods of tequila production and honoring the legacy of his ancestors.

After completing his studies, Guillermo decided to continue his family's legacy by reviving the Fortaleza brand, which had been dormant for several decades. The brand had been established by his great-great grandfather, but it had fallen out of production in the mid-20th century. Guillermo saw an opportunity to bring back the handcrafted, artisanal tequila that his family had been known for and reintroduce it to the world.

To achieve this, Guillermo invested significant time and effort into researching and understanding the traditional methods of tequila production. He traveled throughout Mexico, visiting distilleries and speaking with master distillers to learn from their expertise. He also spent time working at a small distillery in the town of Tequila, where he gained invaluable hands-on experience in every aspect of the production process.

Armed with this knowledge and a deep respect for tradition, Guillermo set out to create Fortaleza Tequila. He purchased an old distillery in Tequila and set about restoring it to its former glory. He refurbished the original copper pot stills and wooden fermentation vats, ensuring that they were in working order and could be used to produce tequila in the traditional way.

Today, Fortaleza Tequila is recognized as one of the finest examples of artisanal tequila on the market. Guillermo's dedication to preserving traditional methods and his commitment to quality have garnered the brand numerous accolades and a loyal following of tequila enthusiasts. The production process for Fortaleza tequila remains largely unchanged from the methods used by Guillermo's ancestors over a century ago, resulting in a tequila that is rich in flavor and true to its heritage.

Guillermo Erickson Sauza, a fifth-generation member of the Sauza family, is the proud owner and operator of Fortaleza Tequila. His passion for tequila and commitment to preserving tradition have allowed him to revive the brand and create a tequila that honors his family's legacy.