Who owns Q tonic?

Answered by Louis Krause

Q Mixers is owned by Jordan Silbert, who founded the company after a memorable evening spent enjoying and tonics with his friends. As the founder and owner, Silbert has been instrumental in shaping the vision and direction of Q Mixers.

Silbert's journey began on a warm summer night in his backyard, where he and his friends were sipping gin and tonics. Dissatisfied with the options available, they found that the mixers on the market were overly sweet and lacked the complexity and depth they desired. This sparked the idea in Silbert's mind to create his own high-quality mixers that would enhance the flavor of , rather than overpowering them.

Motivated by this desire to create a better mixer, Silbert embarked on a mission to craft the perfect tonic . He spent countless hours researching and experimenting with different ingredients and techniques, aiming to create a product that would elevate the drinking experience.

After much trial and error, Silbert finally developed the recipe for Q Tonic. Made with all-natural ingredients, including hand-picked quinine from the Peruvian Andes, Q Tonic offers a crisp, clean, and refreshing taste that enhances the flavors of gin and other spirits.

With his unique and delicious tonic water in hand, Silbert founded Q Mixers in 2007. The company quickly gained popularity among cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders who appreciated the superior quality and taste of Q Tonic. Q Mixers expanded its product line to include a range of mixers, including ginger , ginger , club , and grapefruit soda, all crafted with the same commitment to excellence.

As the owner of Q Mixers, Silbert has been deeply involved in every aspect of the company's operations. He has nurtured relationships with suppliers, ensuring the highest quality ingredients are used in Q Mixers' products. Silbert has also worked closely with bartenders and mixologists, collaborating on recipes and promoting Q Mixers as the go-to choice for crafting exceptional .

Silbert's passion for creating the best mixers extends beyond the products themselves. He is dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Q Mixers uses glass bottles for its products, which are not only better for the environment but also preserve the quality and taste of the mixers. Silbert's commitment to sustainability also includes sourcing ingredients ethically and supporting fair trade practices.

Jordan Silbert is the owner and founder of Q Mixers. His passion for creating high-quality mixers that enhance the flavors of spirits has driven the success and growth of the company. Silbert's dedication to excellence, sustainability, and collaboration with industry professionals has made Q Mixers a beloved brand among cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders alike.