Best Deals on 1800 Tequila: A Price Guide

1800 is a premium brand of tequila produced in Mexico. It has earned a reputation for being one of the best tequilas available, with a smooth, clean taste and a wide range of flavors. As such, it carries a higher price tag than othr brands.

The average price for 1800 Tequila ranges from $25 to $50 per 750ml bottle. The exact price will vary depending on the type of tequila and were you purchase it. Generally speaking, blanco (unaged) tequilas are the least expensive variety while aged tequilas, like reposado and anejo, cost slightly more.

You can find 1800 Tequila at most liquor stores and supermarkets. Prices may be lower or higher than the average depending on your location and if there are any promotions or discounts running. Online retailers tend to offer some of the best prices as they are able to pass savings onto customers due to their lower overhead costs.

If you're looking for something special and unique, you may want to consider purchasing a limited edition bottle or gift set from 1800 Tequila's website or one of teir authorized retailers. These typically come with additional items like or coasters and can be quite expensive ($100+).

Overall, 1800 Tequila is an excellent choice when it comes to quality tequila that won't break the bank. With its wide range of flavors and prices ranging from $25 to $50 per bottle (or even higher for limited editions), there's sure to be an option that suits your taste and budget!

Is 1800 Tequila an Affordable Option?

No, 1800 is not a cheap tequila. While it is more affordable than some premium options like Patrón and Don Julio, it still comes with a price tag that reflects its quality. 1800 is made with 100% Weber blue agave, which is a high-quality agave plant known for producing flavorful and smooth tequila. Its pricing reflects the care and attention put into producing each bottle. 1800 Tequila is still considered a premium spirit, and its price tag reflects that designation.

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Cost of a Big Bottle of 1800 Tequila

A big bottle of 1800 Tequila is available in a 1.75 Liter size and typically retails for $39.99 to $40.99. This larger bottle is great for parties or larger gatherings, giving you more bang for your buck while sill enjoying the smooth flavor of 1800 Tequila.

Is 1800 Tequila a Premium Brand?

Yes, 1800 Tequila is a premium tequila. Crafted with 100% blue Weber agave harvested at its peak in Tequila, Mexico, 1800 Tequila is the world's most awarded tequila and the #1 premium tequila brand in the U.S. It has been around since 1800 and has never wavered from its original formula and distillation process. This commitment to quality and craftsmanship has earned 1800 Tequila numerous awards and accolades, including being named as one of “The World's 50 Best ” by Enthusiast Magazine.

Comparing 1800 Tequila and Patron Tequila

When it comes to Tequila, the debate between 1800 Silver and Patron Silver can be an interesting one as they both have their own unique characteristics. That being said, when attempting to decide which is better, it really comes down to personal preference.

1800 Silver is a smooth and light Tequila with notes of citrus, agave and pepper and is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. It's also a great option if you're looking for a Tequila that works well in due to its mild flavor profile.

On the other hand, Patron Silver has a more intense flavor profile with notes of pepper, agave and oak. It is also quite boozy which can be off-putting for some drinkers but makes it an ideal choice for shots or sipping neat.

Ultimately, both 1800 Silver and Patron Silver are quality Tequilas and the answer to which is better really comes down to your personal taste preferences. If you enjoy light flavors with subtle notes of citrus then 1800 will liely be your preferred option whereas those who prefer bolder flavors with more pepper will likely find Patron to be better suited for their tastes.

Comparing Jose Cuervo and 1800 Tequilas

When it comes to choosing between Jose Cuervo and 1800 tequila, the answer is ultimately up to personal preference. However, Jose Cuervo Reposado has several characteristics that make it a better option than 1800 Reposado. Jose Cuervo Reposado has a distinctly smooth, agave-forward flavor with subtle hints of spice and sweetness. This makes it the perfect choice for making Margaritas or any othr cocktail that requires a sophisticated tequila. In addition, Jose Cuervo has just the right amount of warmth and peppery notes that are not overpowering. On the other hand, 1800 Reposado has a more intense flavor profile that may not be suitable for all palates. Therefore, if you're looking for an excellent mixing tequila with a balanced yet complex flavor profile, then Jose Cuervo Reposado is your best bet.

The Cost of Luxury: The Most Expensive Tequilas

The most expensive tequila in the world is Ley Tequila 925 Diamante, with a price tag of $3.5 million! This special tequila is made from 100% pure blue agave and distilled in small batches in Jalisco, Mexico. It's then aged for a minimum of three years in oak that have been hand-selected by master distillers. Finally, it's bottled in crystal decanters lined with 24K gold and encrusted with 925 sterling silver and diamonds. This unique blend has earned Ley Tequila 925 Diamante a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive brand of tequila ever produced!

The Strength of 1800 Liquor

1800 Tequila is a high-strength spirit, with an by volume (ABV) of between 35-50%, and a proof (US) of 70-100. It is one of the strongest alcoholic beverages available, and should be consumed responsibly. For comparison, most regular beers contain around 5% ABV, while wine typically has around 12%. Tequilas such as 1800 are therefore significantly stronger than these other drinks.

The Effects of a Shot of Tequila on Drunkenness

The effects of alcohol vary from person to person, and the amount of drunkenness you experience depends on several factors such as your weight, metabolism, and the type of tequila. Generally speaking, a single shot (1.5 ounces) of tequila contans about 15% alcohol by volume (ABV). Therefore, for an average-sized adult weighing around 150 lbs, it would take around 8 shots of tequila consumed within an hour to reach a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08%.

However, it is important to note that even one shot may cause impairment in some people depending on their individual tolerance levels. Symptoms such as impaired judgment, slowed thinking/reaction times, slurred speech and a sense of euphoria are common when one has consumed even a small amount of alcohol. As always, please drink responsibly and never drink and drive!

Should 1800 Tequila Be Refrigerated?

No, it is not recommended to refrigerate 1800 Tequila. The cold temperatures in the fridge or freezer can affect the taste and aroma of the tequila, making it less enjoyable to drink. Additionally, cold temperatures can numb your palate, making it more difficult to appreciate the flavors in a tequila. If you would like to chill your tequila before drinking, you can put it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes or fill a glass with ice and pour the tequila over it. This will chill it without compromising its flavor.

Are Jose Cuervo and 1800 Tequilas the Same?

No, Jose Cuervo and 1800 Tequila are not the same. While both are produced and distributed by the Beckmann family, they are two different brands of tequila with distinct flavors and grades. Jose Cuervo is the world's best-selling tequila brand and has been around since 1795. It is made from a blend of blue agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. It is a medium-bodied spirit that can be enjoyed neat or in a variety of cocktails.

1800 Tequila, on the other hand, was launched in 1975 by the Beckmann family. It is made from 100% blue agave grown in the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico and has a more robust flavor than Jose Cuervo. It comes in three grades: Silver (Blanco), Reposado, and Añejo. All three expressions can be enjoyed neat or as part of premium cocktails.

Is 1800 Tequila Suitable for Sipping?

Yes, 1800 Añejo Tequila is an excellent sipping tequila. Made from 100% blue agave, it has a deep, luxurious mouthfeel that can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Its smooth flavor pairs well with a variety of food and drink, making it ideal for both casual and formal occasions. Its distinct aroma and complex flavors make this an ideal choice for thse looking to savor the taste of fine tequila.

Top 5 Tequilas

1. Siete Leguas Reposado – This 100% agave tequila is produced at the renowned distillery of Don Felipe Camarena in Atotonilco El Alto, Jalisco, Mexico, and is widely considered by experts to be one of the best tequilas on the market. It has a smooth taste with hints of sweet agave and light pepper.

2. Cimarron Blanco Tequila – This award-winning white tequila is crafted in small-batch production for an unparalleled flavor experience. It's smooth and balanced with a hint of spice and a clean finish that lingers on the palate.

3. La Gritona Reposado Tequila – This woman-owned brand produces a reposado tequila that is aged for 8 months in American oak barrels for a robust flavor profile that includes notes of agave, roasted nuts, and caramel.

4. Volcan De Mi Tierra Cristalino Tequila – This unique spirit is crafted from twice-distilled 100% Blue Weber Agave in Mexico's highlands before undergoing a charcoal filtration process to remove all color from the liquid whie preserving its rich flavor profile. It has subtle hints of citrus fruit and pepper with an herbal finish that lingers on the tongue.

5. Cutwater Spirits Añejo Tequila – This premium spirit is made from 100% blue weber agave harvested in Jalisco, Mexico before being aged in American oak barrels for 18 months to create an exceptionally smooth flavor profile with notes of honey, cocoa, and vanilla bean.

The Superior Quality of 1800 Tequila

1800 Tequila is an excellent choice for those loking for a quality Blanco Tequila. It is made from 100% Blue Weber agave, naturally ripened in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico for 8-10 years and carefully distilled with state of the art distillation techniques. This results in a smooth, full-bodied flavor that is perfect for sipping or mixing into cocktails. The tequila has a sweet, earthy aroma and notes of citrus and vanilla on the palate. The finish is clean, smooth and slightly smoky. Additionally, 1800 offers a range of aged tequilas to suit every taste, including Reposado (aged 2-11 months) and Añejo (aged 1-3 years). For these reasons, 1800 Tequila is an excellent choice for those looking for a premium Blanco tequila at an affordable price.

Does 1800 Tequila Have a Good Taste?

1800 Tequila has a classic tequila taste that is quite smooth. Its silver tequila has an earthy flavor with a semi-sweet agave and hints of fruits and pepper. The reposado and añejo tequilas have been aged to add complexity, introducing buttery caramel and a tantalizing toasted oak taste. Overall, 1800 Tequila is known for its good flavor profile and smoothness, making it a great choice for those looking for quality tequila.


1800 Tequila is a premium tequila that offers a variety of high-quality options with competitive prices. The price range of 1800 Tequila varies depending on the size and type of bottle, but typically starts aound $20 for a 750ml bottle, ranging up to $60 or more for larger sizes. The Silver and Reposado varieties generally cost less than the Anejo and Extra Anejo varieties due to their shorter aging process. In conclusion, 1800 Tequila provides an excellent value for those looking for a quality tequila at an affordable price.

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