The Story of Authentic Absente Absinthe

Absente Absinthe Refined is a popular alcoholic that has a long and complicated history. Absinthe is a type of that is made from a grain base and flavored with herbs, including wormwood. Wormwood is a medicinal herb that gives absinthe its characteristic green color and an earthy, taste.

Absinthe gained widespread popularity in the late 1800s and early 1900s, particularly in France and Switzerland. However, the drink was banned in several countries, including the United States, due to concerns about its potential hallucinogenic effects.

Absente Absinthe Refined was the first authentic absinthe to be legally sold in the United States since the spirit was banned in 1912. The drink is made usng traditional methods and ingredients, including wormwood, anise, and fennel. However, the levels of thujone, a chemical compound found in wormwood, are regulated to ensure the safety of consumers.

Absente Absinthe Refined has a distinctive flavor and aroma, with notes of anise, fennel, and wormwood. It is typically served diluted with , which causes the liquid to turn cloudy and milky in appearance. The ritual of preparing absinthe involves pouring a small amount of the spirit into a glass, placing a sugar cube on an absinthe spoon on top of the glass, and slowly dripping cold water over the sugar cube into the glass.

While absinthe was once believed to have hallucinogenic effects, research has shown that the levels of thujone in absinthe are not high enough to produce such effects. However, absinthe is still a very strong alcohol, with an alcohol content of 45–74% by volume. As such, it should be consumed in moderation.

Absente Absinthe Refined is a unique and flavorful alcoholic beverage with a fascinating history. While it was once banned in many countries, including the United States, it is now available for legal purchase and consumption. However, it should be consumed responsibly and in moderation, as it is a very strong alcohol.

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The Alcohol Content of Absente

Absente is a type of alcoholic beverage that belongs to the category of absinthe. It is a French-made spirit that is produced by distilling a mixture of herbs, including wormwood, anise, and fennel, with a base of neutral grain alcohol. The wormwood herb is particularly significant, as it is believed to lend Absente its characteristic green color and distinctive bitter taste. Absente is often enjoyed as an aperitif or in and is known for its complex, herbal flavor profile.

The Strength of Absinthe Alcohol

Absinthe is indeed a strong alcohol, with a high alcohol content ranging from 45 to 74% by volume. It is considered to be one of the most potent alcoholic beverages available on the market. This high alcohol content is due to the distillation process used to produce absinthe. Absinthe is made from a variety of herbs, including Artemisia absinthium (also known as wormwood), anise, and fennel. These herbs are infused in alcohol and then distilled to create a potent and flavorful spirit. Due to its high alcohol content, absinthe is typically consumed in small amounts, usually diluted with water or mixed with other ingredients to create cocktails. absinthe is a strong alcoholic beverage that shold be consumed in moderation due to its potency.


Absente Absinthe Refined is a unique and potent alcohol with a fascinating history. As the first authentic absinthe to be legally sold in the United States since the spirit was banned in 1912, Absente offers a chance to experience the mystique and allure of this storied drink. With its distinct flavor profile and high alcohol content, Absente is not for the faint of heart. However, for those seeking a truly unique and memorable drinking experience, Absente Absinthe Refined is definitely worth a try. Just remember to enjoy it responsibly and in moderation.

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