The Delicious World of Luxardo Cherries Cans

Luxardo cherries are a gourmet treat that has gained worldwide recognition for their exceptional quality and taste. These cherries, known as “Marasche al frutto” in Italy, are used by Luxardo to produce their famous Maraschino . However, they are also preserved in a jar, making them perfect for , desserts, or simply enjoying on their own.

The Luxardo cherries come in a variety of sizes, but one of the most popular options is the 6.6-lb can, which contains approximately 480 cherries. This generous quantity ensures that you will have plenty of cherries to enjoy for a long time.

Each cherry in the can is carefully selected and preserved to maintain its natural flavor and texture. No thickening agents or preservatives are used, ensuring that you get the true essence of the Marasca cherries. The cherries are preserved in a syrup made from sugar, Masasca cherry , glucose, flavors, and natural colors. This combination of ingredients enhances the natural sweetness of the cherries and adds a delightful richness to your cocktails or desserts.

The cherries themselves are 50% candied cherries and 50% syrup, giving you the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. This unique combination makes them ideal for adding a burst of flavor to your favorite drinks or recipes. Whether you are making a classic Manhattan or a decadent black forest cake, Luxardo cherries will elevate your creations to a whole new level.

The 6.6-lb can is perfect for bartenders or home mixologists who want to have an ample supply of these exquisite cherries on hand. With approximately 480 cherries in each can, you can impress your guests with beautiful garnishes and flavor-packed cocktails. The versatility of these cherries allows you to get creative and experiment with new drink recipes, ensuring that your cocktails are always a hit.

In addition to their delicious taste, Luxardo cherries also add a touch of elegance to any presentation. Their deep red color and plump texture make them visually appealing and instantly elevate the aesthetic of any dish or drink. Whether you are hosting a dinner party or simply enjoying a cocktail on your own, Luxardo cherries will make your experience more luxurious and enjoyable.

Luxardo cherries in a 6.6-lb can are a must-have for any cocktail enthusiast or lover of gourmet ingredients. With approximately 480 cherries per can, you will have an abundant supply to enhance your drinks and recipes. The exceptional quality and natural flavors of these cherries will take your cocktails and desserts to new heights of deliciousness. Treat yourself to the world-famous Luxardo cherries and indulge in a taste of luxury.

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How Many Cherries Are In A 12 Lb Can Of Luxardo Cherries?

A 12 lb can of Luxardo cherries contains approximately 890 cherries. The net weight of the can is 12.3 lb (5.6 kg). The ingredients of these cherries include cherries, sugar, Masasca cherry juice, glucose, flavors, and natural colors. Luxardo cherries are known for their high-quality and delicious taste. They are a popular choice for cocktails, desserts, and other culinary creations. The cherries are carefully selected and processed to ensure a consistent and superior product. Each can of Luxardo cherries is packed with approximately 890 cherries, making it a great option for those who love the rich flavor and vibrant color of these cherries.

How Many Luxardo Cherries In A 6.6-lb Can?

In a 6.6-lb can of Luxardo cherries, there are approximately 480 cherries. These cherries are known for their gourmet quality and are highly sought after by cocktail enthusiasts. The can contains a generous amount of cherries, ensuring you have plenty to garnish your favorite cocktails or use in various recipes. With approximately 480 cherries in the can, you can enjoy these delicious cherries for multiple occasions or share them with friends and family.


Luxardo cherries are a top-notch choice for those seeking the finest cocktail cherries on the market. These world-famous gourmet cherries are made from the renowned Marasca cherries, which are used by Luxardo in their Maraschino liqueur. Preserved in a jar, these cherries maintain their natural flavor and are a delightful addition to any cocktail or dessert.

With no added thickening agents or preservatives, Luxardo cherries provide a pure and authentic taste experience. The cherries are carefully candied to perfection, resulting in a balanced combination of sweet cherries and syrup. Each can of Luxardo cherries contains an impressive quantity, with options ranging from approximately 50-55 cherries in a 400-g can to a whopping 890 cherries in a 12.3 lb can.

Not only are Luxardo cherries delicious, but they also offer versatility in their usage. Whether you're a bartender looking to elevate your cocktails or a home cook wanting to add a touch of elegance to your desserts, these cherries are the ideal choice. Their rich flavor and natural colors make them visually appealing, while the added sugar, Masasca cherry juice, glucose, and other flavors enhance their taste.

Luxardo cherries are a premium product that exceeds expectations in terms of taste, quality, and quantity. With their long-standing reputation and commitment to using only the best ingredients, Luxardo cherries are the go-to choice for anyone looking to elevate their culinary creations and enjoy a truly exceptional cherry experience.

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