The Rich and Bold Taste of Achaval Ferrer Malbec!

Achaval Ferrer Malbec is a premium Argentinian produced by SPI Group, founded in 1998 and acquired in 2011. The comes from the Melipal Winery located in Agrelo, Mendoza, and is made with 100% Malbec grapes carefully selected from different vineyards in the Uco Valley.

This Malbec is full-bodied with sweet blackberry, cherry, and plum aromas. On the palate, it has a smooth texture with notes of spices and dark cocoa powder. It has good acidity and a long finish that leaves a pleasant aftertaste of juicy berries and ripe plums.

Achaval Ferrer Malbec pairs perfectly with grilled meats, pasta dishes with tomato sauce, stews, or hard cheeses like parmesan or gruyere. It also goes nicely with chocolate desserts or richly flavored desserts like flan or crème brulee.

If you're looking for an affordable yet delicious red wine to enjoy at your next dinner party or special occasion, Achaval Ferrer Malbec is an excellent choice. With its intense flavors and elegant finish, it's sure to be a great crowd pleaser!

Is Malbec an Affordable Wine?

Malbec is an affordable wine, generally costing between $10 and $20 a bottle. While there are some variations in price, it is typically a good value for the quality of the wine. Malbec is the perfect choice for those looking to enjoy a delicious red wine without breaking the bank. It's also ideal for those who want to try something a little bit different from traditional Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Who is the Owner of Achaval Ferrer?

Achaval Ferrer is currently owned by SPI Group, a global premium company based in Luxembourg. Founded in 1998, Achaval Ferrer was acquired by SPI Group in 2011 and has since become one of the leading wineries in Mendoza, Argentina. With the addition of Melipal Winery, Achaval Ferrer now produces premium wines from across Argentina and has become an international producer of award-winning wines. With a focus on sustainability and quality, Achaval Ferrer continues to be an innovator in the wine industry.

Tasting Tilia Malbec Wine

Tilia Malbec is an Argentinian Malbec from the Mendoza region of Argentina. This rich and full-bodied wine has a 13.5% content and contins sulfites, making it perfect for pairing with robust dishes like grilled steak and roasted vegetables. Its intense flavors of dark fruit, spice, and smoky oak make it a truly unique and delicious experience.

Should Malbec Wine Be Refrigerated?

No, Malbec should not be refrigerated. This full-bodied red wine is best served at room temperature, which is generally between 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Refrigerating Malbec can dull its flavors and aromas, so it's best to store it in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and fluctuating temperatures. To ensure the optimal drinking experience for this wine, serve it at the recommended temperature and allow it to reach room temperature before consuming.

The Sugar Content of Malbec Wine

No, Malbec is not full of sugar. In fact, it is a dry wine that offers fewer than 1.5 grams of sugar per glass. This low sugar content is due to the higher alcohol content and the fact that the wine is almost entrely fermented. Malbec offers a deep, rich flavor with notes of plum and cherry, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a dry red wine with lower sugar content.

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The Winemaker at Gloria Ferrer

The winemaker at Gloria Ferrer is Harry Hansen. Harry has been the Director of Winemaking since 2018 and his passion for crafting exceptional wines shines through in eery bottle. He brings over 25 years of experience in the wine industry to Gloria Ferrer, having worked with renowned wineries all around California and Europe. His skillful blending of traditional methods with techniques creates wines that express the unique terroir of Carneros, showcasing a brilliant balance between freshness and complexity. With a commitment to sustainable practices, Harry works closely with the vineyard team to ensure only the highest quality grapes are hand-picked for each vintage.

Who Is the Owner of Tenute Del Mondo?

Tenute del Mondo is a subsidiary of Stoli Group, a leading global ultra premium spirits and wine company. Founded in 1938, Stoli Group is owned by SPI Group, a Luxembourg-based privately held spirits and wine business that specializes in the production and distribution of high-quality alcoholic beverages. SPI Group is owned by Yuri Shefler, a Russian entrepreneur with interests in the food and industries across Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia.


Achaval Ferrer Malbec is a high-quality Argentinian red wine produced by SPI Group from Melipal Winery located in Agrelo, Mendoza. This full-bodied and fruity Malbec is 13.5% ABV and has a rich aroma of dark fruits such as plums and cherries. The balanced tannic structure of the Malbec pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes, making it an excellent choice for any occasion. Achaval Ferrer Malbec is an affordable and delicious alternative to more expensive wines that will be sure to pease any crowd.

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