Sip into Summer: Enjoy the Sweet Taste of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka!

Are you lookig for a delicious, all-natural with a unique twist? Look no further than Firefly Sweet Vodka! This 66 proof spirit is made with Louisiana sugarcane and tea from a local plantation, giving it an authentic, low country flavor. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with lemonade or for an amazing cocktail.

But that's not all. FireFly has gone the extra mile and created their Skinny Tea vodka, which is a sweet tea flavored vodka minus the sugar. This version is infused with real South Carolina tea and naturally sweetened with Truvia™. Not only does this give it a unique flavor profile, but it also contains natural caffeine due to the large batches of brewed tea added to the distilled vodka along with cane sugar and clover honey.

This makes Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka perfect for those looking to enjoy a drink without worrying about all the additional calories associated with regular vodka. And if you're looking to host a party or get together, then this is definitely one of your best options since it can be enjoyed both straight up or as part of an amazing cocktail.

So don't miss out on this truly unique spirit! Make sure you pick up some Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka today and experience what low country flavor is all about!

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Alcohol Content of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka has an content of 66 proof. This translates to 33% alcohol by volume (ABV). As a comparison, traditional vodka is typically 80 proof, or 40% ABV. In other words, Firefly Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka has a slightly lower alcohol content than traditional vodka.

What Ingredients Are Used to Make Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

Firefly Sweet Tea vodka is made with all-natural ingredients, including Louisiana sugarcane and tea from a local plantation. The sugarcane is sourced locally and the tea is handpicked from a local estate. The vodka is distilled three times to ensure a smooth, clean taste. After distillation, the sweet tea flavor is added to create an authentic Southern-style sweet tea flavor. The final product is then bottled and ready for your enjoyment!.

Does Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka Contain Caffeine?

Yes, Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka does contain caffeine, as it is brewed in large, strong batches with real tea leaves. The tea is then blended with the vodka, along with cane sugar and clover honey to create a unique sweet-tea flavor. The amount of caffeine present in the vodka is roughly equivalent to that of a cup of regular tea.

What is the Taste of Firefly Vodka?

Firefly vodka has a smooth, sweet taste with subtle hints of tea. On the palate, it's crisp and light with a delicate balance of natural sweetness and subtle herbal notes. The finish is clean and refreshing, making it an ideal sipping or mixing vodka. It's the perfect mix of sweet tea and vodka that can be enjoyed alone or in a variety of drinks.

Alcohol Content in Firefly

Firefly sweet tea vodka contains 35% alcohol by volume, which is a bit less than unflavored vodka (which is usually 40%), but on par with some other flavors of vodka. This means that 100 ml of Firefly contains 35 ml of pure alcohol. The alcohol content may vary slightly from batch to batch, so it's best to always check the label for exact measurements.

The Benefits of Sweet Tea Vodka

Yes, Sweet Tea Vodka is a good choice for those looking for a delicious and versatile spirit. The vodka is smooth and sweet up front, with a subtle hint of vodka flavor at the end. It works great straight up or in , such as a hard Arnold Palmer. It's sure to be a favorite of anyone who enjoys the taste of sweet tea!


Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is an all-natural and flavorful spirit. Made with Louisiana sugarcane and tea from a local plantation, this vodka can be enjoyed neat or in a creative cocktail. It also comes in Skinny Tea variety which uses Truvia™ to sweeten the drink without the added sugar, while still maintaining its delicious taste. Whether you're looking for an authentic low country experience or a unique alternative to traditional , Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is the perfect choice.

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