A Refreshing Taste of Sunshine: St. George Citrus Vodka

Calling all lovers! Get ready to experience the clean and crisp taste of St. George ' Dixie Citrus Vodka. This artisanal vodka from Alameda, California is made with a base of pears and grain, and distilled to 95.1% ABV — but not just any pears — we're talking about Bartlett pears, the same kind used in ther pear .

But that's not all – this exotic citrus vodka is then infused with a range of all-natural citrus flavors, including lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, bergamot, and tangerine. The result? An incredibly smooth and subtly sweet citrus vodka that's like drinking a glass of Florida sunshine!

So why choose St. George Dixie Citrus Vodka? Not only does it have an incredibly refreshing flavor profile for your summer or as a simple mixer with — but it also comes from an expertly crafted distillery known for producing some of the finest spirits around. Master Distiller Lance Winters has been praised for his dedication to creating award-winning spirits since the distillery opened in 1982.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a bottle of St. George Dixie Citrus Vodka today — you won't be disappointed! Cheers!

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What Ingredients Are Used to Make St George Vodka?

St George vodka is a premium spirit made from Bartlett pears and grain. This high-quality vodka is produced by the renowned St. George Spirits in Alameda, California, using locally sourced pears that are distilled to 95.1% ABV. The pear base gives the vodka a unique flavor and aroma, creating a smooth and clean result that can be enjoyed neat or used in cocktails.

Where is St George Vodka Produced?

St. George Spirits is an artisanal distillery located in Alameda, California that produces handcrafted spirits under the direction of Master Distiller Lance Winters. The signature spirit of the distillery is their namesake St. George Vodka, which they produce in their custom-made stills using traditional methods and local ingredients. Their vodka is made from a blend of wheat and barley, and it is distilled to 80 proof and filtered through charcoal for a clean taste. The spirit undergoes several rounds of distillation to create its signature smoothness, and then it is hand-bottled with care at the Alameda facility. Whether you're looking for a classic vodka martini or something more creative, St. George Vodka makes the perfect base for any cocktail!

The Best Citrus Vodka: A Comprehensive Guide

The best citrus vodkas are those that combine the right balance of sweet and tart flavors. Many vodkas today offer unique citrus flavors, but the best citrus vodka can be found in Grey Goose Le Citron, Crop Meyer Lemon Vodka, Absolut Citron Vodka, Ketel One Citroen Vodka, Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka, Hangar 1 Buddha's Hand Citron and St. George California Citrus.

Grey Goose Le Citron is a lemon-flavored vodka made with French lemons and distilled five times for a smooth finish. The taste is refreshing and light, with subtle notes of lemon zest on the nose.

Crop Meyer Lemon Vodka is a bright and juicy vodka made from organic lemons grown in California. It has a smooth finish with an intense flavor of lemon zest that lingers on the palate.

Absolut Citron Vodka is made with natural lemon flavorings for a refreshing taste that's perfect for cocktails or sipping neat. It has a crisp aroma with touches of lime and lemon zest on the nose.

Ketel One Citroen Vodka is crafted using fresh lemons from Holland to give it its citrusy taste. It has a clean finish with hints of sweet orange peel on the nose and palate.

Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka is distilled 10 times to create an ultra-smooth spirit that packs a punch of intense lemon flavor without being too sweet or sour. It has an aromatic bouquet of fresh lemons on the nose and palate.

Hangar 1 Buddha's Hand Citron is crafted using fresh fruit harvested in California for a bright, tart flavor profile perfect for mixing in cocktails or enjoying neat or on the rocks. The aroma is full of sweet citrus aromas that linger after each sip.

Finally, St. George California Citrus uses locally grown lemons to create an ultra-smooth vodka with notes of tartness balanced by subtle sweetness on the nose and tongue. Its light yet complex flavor makes it ideal for mixing into cocktails or enjoying neat over ice cubes as an after-dinner treat!

Who Is the Owner of St George Vodka?

St. George Spirits is currently owned by a private investor group led by the distillery's founder, Jörg Rupf. Rupf founded St. George Spirits in 1982 and has been involved in the distilling industry for over thre decades. In 2020, he sold a majority stake of the company to a group of investors, though he still maintains an ownership stake and remains active in the business as chairman of the board and master distiller emeritus. The company is now managed by CEO Lance Winters, who is supported by a team of experts in the fields of distilling, marketing, finance, sales and operations.


St. George Citrus Vodka is a unique and deliciously smooth vodka that is crafted with all-natural citrus flavors and Valencia oranges. It has a subtle sweetness that makes it a great addition to any cocktail or simply enjoyed on its own. With this award-winning spirit, St. George Spirits has created an incredibly flavorful vodka that stands out amongst the typical citrus vodkas on the market today. Whether you're looking for soething to give your cocktails an extra boost of flavor, or just want to enjoy a refreshing glass of Florida sunshine, St. George Citrus Vodka is the perfect choice for any occasion.

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