The Exquisite Taste of Bols Parfait Amour

Are you looking for an exotic and flavorful cocktail that will satisfy your taste buds? Look no further than the Aruba Ariba, a signature drink of the Caribbean island Aruba. This refreshing cocktail was first created in 1963 and has been a staple on the island ever since. It is made with , local Aruban , fruit juices, Crème de Banana, Grand Marnier and garnished with a cherry and an orange.

One key ingredient to the Aruba Ariba is Bols Parfait Amour. This is crafted with only natural botanicals including roses and violets to create a unique aromatic taste along with extracts from orange peels and vanilla for added sweetness. The end result is a smooth sweet flavor reminiscent of sugared almonds.

If you're looking to enjoy this delectable concoction at home, here's what you need: ¼ ounce absinthe, 2 ½ ounces XO , ½ ounce Cointreau, ½ ounce Suze and one lemon twist as garnish. Each ingredient adds its own unique flavor profile to the drink that will tantalize your senses and make you apprecate each sip even more.

Let yourself be swept away to paradise as you savor this perfectly blended cocktail that perfectly captures the essence of Aruba's One Happy Island motto. Whether you're sipping it neat on the rocks or in a delicious cocktail, experience true sophistication with every sip of Bols Parfait Amour!

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Tasting Notes of Parfait Amour

Parfait Amour is a sweet, smooth liqueur that offers subtle notes of rose and vanilla reminiscent of sugared almonds. On the palate, it is delicately sweet with a full-bodied flavor that lingers on the tongue. This liqueur can be enjoyed neat, over ice or in a variety of to add an extra layer of flavor. Its flavors pair well with citrus fruits like orange and lemon, as well as spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Try adding it to traditional cocktails such as a or Long Island Iced to give them a refreshing twist.

Exploring the Sweet and Aromatic Flavor of Bols Parfait Amour

Bols Parfait Amour is a unique liqueur which combines the delicate floral notes of roses and violets with the sweet, citrusy flavour of orange peel and the creamy richness of vanilla. This liqueur is created using only natural botanicals, making it an excellent choice for enjoying over ice or as a mixer in cocktails. The exquisite aroma and flavour of this liqueur make it a favourite among mixologists and bartenders alike.

What Alcohol is Used in Parfait Amour?

Parfait d'amour, or parfait amour, is a liqueur with a purple colour, generally created from a liqueur base. This base usually contains orange peels, sugar, , and other herbs and spices. The exact ingredients vary from recipe to recipe but the core of the drink remains the same: a curaçao liqueur. Some recipes also include vanilla extract, rosewater, almond extract, lime or even grapefruit juice.


The Bols Parfait Amour is an exquisite blend of sweet and smooth flavours, including hints of rose and vanilla. It is crafted with natural botanicals, including extracts from orange peels and vanilla, and is perfect for sipping neat or in cocktails. The classic Aruba Ariba cocktail combines the liqueur with vodka, local rum, fruit juices, Crème de Banana, Grand Marnier and a cherry and orange garnish to create a unique Caribbean flavour. For a bolder twist on the classic cocktail, try adding 1/4 ounce of absinthe, 2 1/2 ounces XO cognac, 1/2 ounce Cointreau, 1/2 ounce Suze and a lemon twist garnish to bring out the delicate flavours of the Bols Parfait Amour. Whether you enjoy it straight up or in your favourite cocktail concoction, the Bols Parfait Amour will leave you feeling sweetly satisfied.

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