The Unique Characteristics of Antinori Tignanello 2018

Antinori Tignanello 2018 is a robust, full-bodied and complex Super Tuscan from the renowned Antinori family. Its blend consists of 80% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc – a combination that has remained unchanged sice its first vintage released in 1971.

The 2018 vintage is characterized by intense aromas of blackberry and blueberry, with hints of spices and cocoa. On the palate, you'll find flavors of licorice, tobacco, black cherry and vanilla. The tannins are ripe and well integrated with the structure, while balancing the 's natural acidity.

The history of Tignanello dates back to the late 1960s when the Antinori family created a revolutionary blend using locally grown Sangiovese grapes in combination with foreign varieties – Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc. This daring move was met with some criticism but eventually led to tremendous success when critics all around the world praised it for its quality and distinctiveness.

Since then, Tignanello has become an iconic Italian wine that is highly sought-after by connoisseurs all over the world. The 2018 vintage is partiularly noteworthy for its elegance and complexity – a unique expression that captures both old-world charm as well as sophistication.

For those looking to invest in wines that can age gracefully for decades, Antinori Tignanello 2018 should be at the top of your list. Its balance between tannins and acidity make it an ideal candidate to keep in your cellars for years to come – one that will continue to evolve into something even more special with time.

The Type of Wine Produced by Antinori Tignanello

Antinori Tignanello is an iconic Super Tuscan red blend made by Marchesi Antinori in the Chianti Classico region of Tuscany, Italy. It is a blend of 80% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc, and has been produced since 1970. The wine is aged in small French oak for 12-14 months and then aged in the bottle for at least 6 months prior to release. Tignanello is known for its intense aroma of ripe red fruits, spices and tobacco, with a full body and velvety tannins. Its rich flavors make it an excellent accompaniment to red meat dishes, game or strong cheese.

antinori tignanello 2018

Is Investing in Tignanello a Wise Decision?

Yes, Tignanello is a good investment. The Super Tuscan category has seen steady growth in popularity and demand for the past few decades, with prices continuing to rise. Tignanello is one of the most sought-after wines in this category, and its price point is typically more affordable than other Super Tuscans or Bordeaux frst growths. It often appreciates steadily over time too, meaning it can be a great option for investors who are looking for both short-term and long-term gains. Additionally, because it is a well-known wine produced by a reputable winemaker, it retains its value even if the market experiences a downturn.

The Quality of Tignanello Wine

Tignanello is indeed a great wine. This Super Tuscan blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes is kown for its robust and complex flavor profile, making it a favorite amongst both casual and professional wine drinkers. The tannins are strong, but balanced, giving the wine a pleasant structure and complexity. Its price reflects its quality, as it is one of the more expensive wines produced in Tuscany. Professional wine critics also agree that Tignanello is an excellent choice; Robert Parker's Wine Advocate gave it a score of 93 points out of 100. Overall, Tignanello is an excellent choice for those who enjoy bold red wines with good structure, complexity, and character.

Number of Bottles of Tignanello Produced

Tignanello is one of the five original Super Tuscans and is produced in limited quantities each vintage. Approximately 300,000 to 340,000 bottles of Tignanello are made annually. This small production allows for the finest grapes to be hand-selected for the perfect balance of flavor and terroir. The result is a unique and highly-coveted wine that has gained worldwide recognition for its quality and complexity.

Similar Wines to Tignanello

For those looking for a wine similar to Tignanello, the iconic Tuscan Cabernet-based blend, Ornellaia's Le Volte dell'Ornellaia is an excellent value. This red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Merlot offers the same regal character as Tignanello but at a much more affordable price. Its velvety texture and notes of dark cherry, dried herbs and tobacco provde a complexity that will delight the palate. This deep ruby-colored wine has a full body and medium tannins with a long finish, making it an ideal pairing for roasted pork or beef dishes. Enjoy this Italian classic with friends or family for a truly special occasion.

Is ‘Tignanello' by Antinori a Super Tuscan?

Yes, Antinori Tignanello is a Super Tuscan. It was one of the first wines to be classified as a Super Tuscan when it was released in 1971. Super Tuscan wines are traditionally made from predominantly Sangiovese grapes with smaller amounts of international varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Antinori Tignanello is 85 percent Sangiovese, 10 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5 percent Cabernet Franc, making it an authentic Super Tuscan wine. The unique blend of traditional and international grapes gives Antinori Tignanello its distinct flavor and character, making it a favorite among wine lovers around the world.

Is Tignanello a Dry Wine?

Yes, Tignanello is a dry wine. It is made primarily with Sangiovese grapes and also features Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes. The 2019 vintage of this iconic Super Tuscan has a medium body and tastes lightly oaked, with aromas of black cherry, tobacco, and herbaceous notes. On the palate, it offers savory flavors of dried plum, leather, spice, and sweet tobacco. The tannins are soft but present eough to provide structure and balance to the dry finish.

Are Tignanello Bags Manufactured in China?

Yes, many Tignanello bags are made in China. The company has factories in varous locations around the world and has been producing high-quality leather products since 1990. Tignanello makes a variety of handbags, purses, wallets, and other accessories from genuine leathers sourced from all over the world. In particular, their popular Black Genuine Leather Tote Shoulder Bag is crafted from premium leather that is imported to China and then crafted with precision and care by experienced artisans.

Pronunciation of Tignanello Wine

To pronounce Tignanello wine correctly, you wuld say “teen-yah-neh-lo”. It is a blend of 80 percent Sangiovese, 15 percent Cabernet Sauvignon and 5 percent Cabernet Franc grapes, and is a relatively new type of Super Tuscan wine.


In conclusion, Antinori Tignanello 2018 is an iconic Super Tuscan wine that has been setting standards since its first vintage in 1971. This vintage is a testament to the skill and dedication of the Antinori family and their commitment to excellence. Despite its high tannins, the complex and elegant taste of this wine make it a great choice for any occasion. With its affordable pricing, investing in this wine is a smart move for any collector or enthusiast looking for a quality red with the ability to age well.

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