Lighting Up the Night with Bacardi 151!

Bacardi 151 is a high-proof, overproof brand produced by the Bacardi company. This rum is made from fermented molasses, which is then distilled to create a smooth and flavorful spirit. It has an ABV of 75.5%, making it one of the strongest alcohols available in the market.

The unique flavor of Bacardi 151 comes from its aging process, which includes aging in oak for up to two years. This aging process allows the rum to take on a deep mahogany color and develops a robust flavor with notes of oak, vanilla, and caramel. The flavor is further enhanced by the addition of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

The intense strength of Bacardi 151 makes it unsuitable for drinking straight or as a mixer in ; however, it can be used as an ingredient to give drinks an extra kick. For example, you can add a few drops of this potent rum to your favorite mixed drinks or dessert recipes to give them an extra punch without overpowering the other flavors.

Bacardi 151 also has some unique uses in cooking, too! Its high-proof content makes it excellent for flambé dishes like Bananas Foster or Cherries Jubilee. Its flavor is also perfect for marinades and sauces such as BBQ sauce or teriyaki marinade as it adds depth and complexity to any dish.

If you're looking for something strong yet flavorful, then Bacardi 151 is the perfect choice for you! Whether you're looking for a spirit to flambé your favorite desserts or just add an extra kick to your favorite cocktails, this overproof rum will not disappoint.

Is Bacardi 151 Still Available?

No, Bacardi 151 is no longer available on the market. After much deliberation, Bacardi decided to discontinue the product due to its extremely flammable nature and potential safety risks. At 75.5% ABV, it is one of the highest-proof rums on the market, making it a fire hazard in its own right. In order to reduce any potential risks associated with this rum, Bacardi started selling their 151 bottles with a metal flame protector built into the lid. Despite these efforts, Bacardi ultimately decided to discontinue the product for good in 2016.

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The Discontinuation of Bacardi 151

In response to a series of lawsuits and concerns about its potential for causing serious injuries, Bacardi 151 was officially discontinued in the United States in 2016. The high alcohol content of the product (75.5% ABV) made it particularly flammable, and as such, it was often used as an ignition source for “flaming shots” or other at-home pyrotechnic stunts. These activities posed a significant safety risk, especially when performed without proper safety precautions. In addition to the fire hazard, there were also reports of injuries caused by overconsumption of the product due to its high alcohol content. As a result of these issues, Bacardi decided that it would be best to discontinue the product in order to protect consumers from potentially severe harms.

Is 151 Proof Rum Still Available?

Yes, 151-proof rum is still available on the market. While Bacardi stopped producing their own version of 151-proof rum several years ago, other brands have stepped in to fill the gap. Popular companies such as Cruzan, Lemon Hart, and Admiral Nelson all offer a variety of 151-proof rums for purchase. These rums are often used for mixed drinks, cocktails and baking recipes. It is important to be aware that these rums have a very high alcohol content; therefore it is advised to consume responsibly and with caution.

The Value of Bacardi 151

Bacardi 151 is a highly sought after spirit and its price varies greatly depending on the size of the bottle. The average price for a 50mL (1.7 oz) bottle is around $1.99 while 200mL (6.8 oz) bottles range from $8.99-$69.99. Prices can even go up to $400 for certain bottles, making Bacardi 151 worth more than many other on the market.

Is Consuming Bacardi 151 Safe?

No, Bacardi 151 is not safe to drink. It has an extremely high alcohol content of 75.5% alcohol by volume, which is more than double the amount found in a standard alcoholic drink. Consuming this high level of alcohol can be very dangerous and even potentially fatal to those who drink it. There have been reports of people experiencing severe intoxication, including dangerously fast heart rate, unconsciousness, seizures, coma and even death after drinking Bacardi 151 or other high-proof liquors. It is best to avoid consuming this type of alcohol altogether for your own safety and the safety of those around you.

Average Cost of a Bottle of 151 Alcohol

A bottle of Bacardi 151 costs $22.99. This over-proof rum has an alcohol content of 75.5%, making it a potent spirit choice.

What Is the Replacement for Bacardi 151?

Bacardi 151, a high-proof rum, was discontinued in 2016 due to safety concerns surrounding the high alcohol content. As a result, Don Q Gran Añejo has become a popular replacement for Bacardi 151 in cocktail recipes. Don Q Gran Añejo is a Puerto Rican rum with an ABV of 75.5%, slightly lower than the 75.9% ABV of Bacardi 151. This difference is almost imperceivable and Don Q Gran Añejo can be used to create drinks with similar flavor profiles as those created with Bacardi 151. Additionally, Don Q Gran Añejo offers a smoother flavor profile than that of Bacardi 151 and won't overpower other ingredients in the cocktail.

The Taste of Bacardi 151

Bacardi 151 has a strong, unpleasant taste that can be likened to gasoline aged in an oak barrel. It is very strong, and not something that most people would enjoy drinking. Its alcohol content is 75.5%, so it has an incredibly high amount of proof, making it a very potent . This high alcohol content contributes to its sharp and intense taste that lingers long after the drink has been finished.

Is 151 Proof Alcohol Safe to Drink?

No, it is not safe to drink 151 proof alcohol straight. It is incredibly potent and should only be used in combination with other drinks or cocktails. Even then, it should be used with caution and responsibility as its high proof can lead to intoxication quickly. As the name implies, 151 proof means that the alcohol content is 75.5% alcohol by volume, so it is much higher than the 40% found in standard 80 proof spirits. If you do choose to use 151 proof alcohol for making drinks or cocktails, always remember to drink responsibly and never exceed your personal limits.

Is Selling 151 Proof Rum Allowed in Florida?

No, Florida does not allow the sale of 151 proof rum. The state's regulations stipulate that no distilled spirit with an alcohol content higher than 153 proof (76.5 ABV) can be sold or consumed in Florida. In accordance with this regulation, the highest proof liquor allowed to be sold in North Carolina ABC stores is 151 proof (75.5 ABV).

Is Bacardi 151 a Vodka?

No, Bacardi 151 is not a . It is a rum that has been aged and blended with special ingredients to achieve its high alcohol content. Unlike vodka, it has a sweet and fruity aroma with a hint of smokiness. Additionally, its flavor is smooth and complex, with notes of vanilla, oak and spices. This makes it great for creating strong cocktails or sipping neat.

Evaluating the Quality of 151 Rum

151 rum is an excellent choice for experienced drinkers or mixologists looking to add a unique flavor to their cocktails. With a higher proof than most other rums, 151 rum has a bold and complex taste that can add a unique sweetness to cocktails. It is also great for flambeed dishes and adding flair to desserts and other dishes. However, it should be noted that 151 rum has a higher alcohol content than other rums and should be drunk in moderation. Furthermore, when mixing it with or another mixer, it should be used sparingly as its potency can easily overpower drinks.

The Age of 151 Rum

Don Q 151° is an aged rum, with a minimum of 3 years aging in charred oak barrels. This aging process gives the rum its signature dark hue, as well as its unique flavor profile with notes of vanilla and caramel. The long aging process also makes it an ideal choice for tropical or Tiki-style drinks, as its robust flavor stands up to the bold flavors of these drinks.

Shelf Life of Bacardi 151

Bacardi 151 is a high-proof rum, so it can last indefinitely if unopened and stored properly. It should be kept away from direct heat and light, in a cool, dry place. Once opened, the rum should be consumed within a year for optimal quality. The alcohol content in Bacardi 151 is 75.5%, so the rum can last longer than other kinds of rums with lower alcohol content. However, because of its high proof, over time it may lose some flavor and character due to evaporation. Therefore, it's best to consume Bacardi 151 within a year of opening to ensure the highest quality of flavor and aroma.


Bacardi 151 is a premium rum produced by the Bacardi Company. It has an alcohol content of 75.5% and is used in a variety of cocktails, shots, punches, and other drinks. The flavor of Bacardi 151 is strong and has a distinct sweetness that makes it stand out from other rums. It is considered to be one of the most flammable alcoholic beverages because of its high proof, so caution should be taken when handling it. Despite this, it can add an extra kick to your favorite mixed drinks or be enjoyed on its own. With its unique flavor profile and powerful kick, Bacardi 151 is a rum that should not be missed by any rum enthusiast.

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