Tasting the Award-Winning Wines of Barkan: A Journey Through Flavor and Quality

Barkan Cellars is the largest winery in Israel, producing a wide range of high-quality wines that have won numerous awards and accolades around the world. The winery has been producing wines for over 25 years, and its experienced winemakers are known for their innovative grape-breeding combinations that create unique flavor profiles.

Barkan's red wines are especially renowned, with deep ruby red colors and complex aromas of spicy berry notes mixed with oak. Its full-bodied flavor pairs perfectly with grilled meats and sauces, making it an ideal choice for any special occasion. Not only do Barkan's red wines taste great, but they are also Mevushal – Kosher for Passover – so they can be enjoyed by people of all faiths.

Beyond its red wines, Barkan also produces white, rose, and dessert wines. Its whites are light and zesty, while its roses bring bright floral aromas to the table. Its sparkling wines offer a hint of sweetness with a pleasant effervescence; perfect for toasting any special occasion. And its dessert wine selection is made up of richly sweet and flavorful options that will tantalize your palate.

Overall, Barkan Wine Cellars offers something for everyone's taste buds, from light whites to bold reds to decadent dessert varieties. With its award-winning quality and commitment to innovation in grape breeding combinations, it's no wonder why Barkan has becoe one of the most sought-after wineries in Israel.

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Is Barkan Wine a Good Choice?

Barkan is a great wine, with a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Their wines have won numerous awards at the world's most prestigious wine competitions, and the winemakers have earned a worldwide renown for their exceptional quality and innovative grape varieties. The wines are made from carefully selected grapes, and are crafted to be both accessible and complex. The range includes reds, whites, rosés, sparkling wines, and dessert wines. They offer something for every taste and occasion. Barkan is also affordable, making it an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy great quality wine without breaking the bank.

Is Barkan Wine Kosher for Passover?

Yes, Barkan wine is Kosher for Passover. The wine is produced in strict accordance with Jewish dietary laws and has been certified as such by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. It is also Mevushal, meaning it has undergone a special pasteurization process that allws it to be handled by non-Jews without compromising its kosher status. The particular bottle of Barkan wine mentioned in the question features a deep ruby red color, a bouquet redolent of spicy berry aromas intermingled with oak, and a full, rounded body that pairs well with grilled meats and sauces. It has an content of 13% alc./vol.

Who is the Owner of Barkan Winery?

Barkan Wine Cellars is owned by Tempo Industries, an Israeli-based and food conglomerate. The company was founded in 1947 and has been under the ownership of the Boxer family since then. Shmuel Boxer is the current Chairman of the Board and Yair Lerner is its CEO. Tempo Beer Industries produces a wide range of beverages and alcoholic drinks, including Stock 84, Keglevich , Stock Liqueurs and Barkan Wine Cellars. They are one of the largest producers in Israel, producing up to 14 million bottles a year.


In conclusion, Barkan Wine Cellars is one of the most renowned wineries in Israel. For more than 25 years, their wines have been recognized for their exceptional quality and unique grape breed combinations. The deep ruby red color, spicy berry aromas intermingled with oak, and full, rounded body make them perfect for pairing with grilled meats and sauces. Additionally, all of their wines are Kosher for Passover and produced by Tempo Beer Industries. With a history of winning countless prestigious awards and medals from some of the most celebrated wine competitions around the world, it's no wonder why Barkan Wine Cellars has becme so popular over the years.

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