Sipping Your Way Through Barr Hill: A Gin Lover’s Review

If you're a fan of sipping gins, then Barr Hill is a must-try. This -style is made with just one botanical—juniper—for a complex, yet gentle flavor profile. The addition of raw honey during the second distillation adds an extra layer of deliciousness that makes Barr Hill an exceptional spirit.

This gin has strong notes of juniper, pine sap, and grass on the nose and palate. In the mid-palate, you'll find hints of real wildflower honey with green leafiness adding to its complexity. The warmth from the juniper lingers long after each sip and gives way to a pleasant richness on the tongue.

Barr Hill Gin was founded in 2011 in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont by a beekeeper and distiller working together to create this unique spirit. This beautiful agricultural region provides many sources for thir raw ingredients that give Barr Hill its distinct taste.

No matter how you like to drink your gin, Barr Hill won't disappoint! Serve it neat or over ice for a delightful experience every time. It also pairs well with tonic or lemonade for a refreshing twist on traditional . So if you haven't tried it yet, grab a bottle and see what all the buzz is about!

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Evaluating the Quality of Barr and Hill Gin

Barr Hill gin is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy a top-notch sipping gin. Distilled from a unique combination of raw honey and juniper berries, this Old Tom-style gin offers up a wonderfully complex flavor profile that features strong notes of juniper, pine sap, and grass. The gin has a smooth taste that's delightful served on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail. With its unique flavor and creamy texture, Barr Hill makes an excellent addition to any bar cart.

What Are the Tasting Notes of Barr Hill Gin?

Barr Hill Gin offers a unique and complex flavor profile, with juniper as its primary note. On the nose, you'll find a combination of floral and herbal aromas. On the palate, you'll experience a warm taste of juniper, with subtle hints of wildflower honey and green leafiness. As you let it linger on your tongue, you'll notice a pleasant richness that slowly fades away. The finish is long and smooth, with the juniper slowly burning out for an enjoyable mouthfeel.

Is Barr Hill Gin a Dry Gin?

Yes, Barr Hill Gin is a London dry-style gin. This means that it does not contain any added sweeteners or flavorings, making it a true dry gin. Its complex and gentle flavor comes from the juniper used in distillation and the raw honey added dring a second distillation, giving it an overall dry finish.

Production of Barr Hill Gin

Barr Hill Gin is proudly made in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont – a stunning landscape of rolling hills, lush forests, and meandering rivers. The gin is crafted in the historic Caledonia distillery in Hardwick, Vermont by a team of master distillers and beekeepers. Utilizing locally-sourced ingredients from their very own honeybees, they are able to capture the unique character of the region in each bottle. The final product is an award-winning spirit that has been recognized internationally for its quality and flavor.


In conclusion, Barr Hill Gin is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy a high-quality sipping gin. It has a complex flavor profile tanks to its one-botanical distillation process and the addition of raw honey during a second distillation. The nose of Barr Hill is strong with notes of juniper, pine sap, and grass while the mid-palate has a touch of real wildflower honey flavor and green leafiness. The finish is long, warm, and rich with a pleasant lingering sweetness left on the tongue. This delicious gin was created in 2011 by Hardie's beekeeper and distiller in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont – making it an ideal choice for lovers of craft spirits.

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