The Smooth Taste of Beluga Vodka Gold Line

Beluga Gold Line is a distinguished super-premium vodka from the renowned Mariinsk distillery in Siberia. This luxurious spirit is made from pure artesian and select spirit, blended with natural extracts of rice and rhodiola rosea. The result is a distinctively clean yet complex flavour that highlights the sophistication and decisiveness of the drinker.

The distinctive bottle of Beluga Gold Line is sealed with wax, making it ideal for special occasions. To ensure easy removal of the wax, this vodka comes equipped with a wooden hammer and brush decorated with a fish and leather lace.

In addition to its exquisite taste, Beluga Vodka Gold Line also has an impressive history behind it. The Mariinsk Distillery was founded in Siberia in 1900 by Pyotr Smirnov, who went on to become one of Russia's most famous vodka producers. Since then, Beluga has become renowned for its quality and unique production process, which pays homage to traditional Russian methods while still being modernized for today's discerning palate.

Beluga Gold Line truly stands out from other vodkas on the market thanks to its superior quality and distinctive packaging. Whether you're looking for a special gift or something special for your own bar cart, this exquisite spirit will be sure to make an impressive statement.

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The Benefits of Beluga Gold Line's Brush

Beluga Gold Line comes with a brush to help remove the sealing wax from the bottle. The small wooden hammer with a brush is designed to break away and remove the wax while also keeping the bottle intact. This ensures that the bottle can be opened without damaging its seal, which is important for special occasions. The brush also helps to ensure that any remaining wax residue is removed for an even clean.

What Materials Are Used to Make Beluga Gold Line?

Beluga Gold Line is made from the purest artesian water, a special spirit, and two additional ingredients: rice extract and rhodiola rosea extract. The rice extract helps to create a smooth texture while the rhodiola rosea extract helps to enhance the flavor and add complexity. As a result, Beluga Gold Line has a unique flavor profile that highlights the drinker's decisiveness and sophistication.

The Purpose of the Hammer and Brush in Beluga Vodka

The hammer and brush included in the Beluga Vodka Gold Line package are designed to help you carefully remove the wax seal that encases the bottle. The hammer is used to gently tap the top of the wax until it loosens from the glass, and then you can use the brush to carefully sweep away any remaining bits. This ensures that your bottle is opened in a safe and secure manner, while also preserving its exquisite presentation.

Is Beluga Vodka of Russian Origin?

Yes, Beluga Vodka is Russian. Beluga Noble Russian Vodka was first created in 2002 by the Mariinsk distillery, which has been producing in Siberia since 1900. Beluga Vodka is made with natural spring water and premium spirit and is distilled four times for optimum purity and smoothness. The vodka also goes throgh a unique filtering process that involves passing it through quartz sand and birch wood charcoal to give it its signature taste. While many brands of vodka claim to be Russian, only Beluga has been produced continuously since the early twentieth century and can truly claim the title of “Russian Vodka”.

Is Beluga Vodka a Luxury Brand?

Yes, Beluga Vodka is a high-end product. Its unique distillation process and smooth, rich taste make it one of the top-tier vodka brands in the world. Beluga Vodka is made from pure malted barley, filtered three times through quartz sand and silver birch charcoal, and blended with natural honey and oat extracts. The result is an ultra-premium vodka that is renowned for its luxurious flavor and quality.

Which Beluga Vodka is the Best?

Beluga Gold Line is considered to be Beluga's best vodka. It is crafted using artesian water, malt, and five levels of filtration in the freezing cold Mariinsk distillery of Siberia. This vodka has a soft and silky smooth texture, with notes of grains, wheat, alpine herbs and a hint of sweetness. It has been praised for its quality and taste by many connoisseurs around the world.


In conclusion, Beluga Gold Line is an exceptional vodka that offers a unique and sophisticated drinking experience. Its combination of pure artesian water, rice extract, and rhodiola rosea extract gives it a smooth taste and strength that makes it the perfect choice for special occasions. Its luxurious leather box with the small hammer and brush adds to the overall appeal of this premium vodka. With its long history dating back to 1900 in Siberia, Beluga Noble Russian Vodka has been crafted with great care to give drinkers an unforgettable experience.

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