Experience Luxury: Aston Martin & Bowmore Team Up for Rare Whisky!

Today, Bowmore Islay Single Whisky and Aston Martin have come together to create a truly unique and extraordinary whisky: Black Bowmore DB5. This limited edition whisky is a commemoration of time and a celebration of two iconic brands, both of which have shaped their respective fields for many years.

The first-fill cask has been aged for an impressive 52 years, making it one of the oldest whiskies ever released by Bowmore. Its high ABV combined with the extended maturation period has made this cask highly sought-after and a potential future investment opportunity. With only 25 bottles avilable to buy, each bottle is presented in a luxurious futuristic vessel that was designed by Aston Martin's Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman.

Bowmore Distillery has been ownd by John Bell Sherriff since 1950 when the Mutter family was forced to sell due to the economic depression that saw whisky demand drop. Since then, Bowmore Distillery has continued to produce some of Scotland's finest single malt whiskies, including Black Bowmore DB5 which is sure to become an instant classic.

For whisky connoisseurs or those who are looking for an exquisite gift for someone special, you will not be disappointed with this exclusive Aston Martin x Bowmore collaboration. If you happen to have $75,000 lying around and want something trly special, make sure you don't miss out on your chance to get your hands on this rare whisky!

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The Cost of an Aston Martin Bowmore

Aston Martin Bowmore is a 52-year-old whisky that has been released in a special “futuristic vessel” from Bowmore and Aston Martin. This special whisky is only availale in limited quantities and comes with a hefty price tag: $75,000.

The whisky itself is aged for over five decades in the oldest maturation vault in Scotland, where it gains its unique flavor and aroma. After being distilled by the Bowmore Distillery, the whisky is then finished off with an exclusive ageing process in ex- that have been hand-selected by specialists from both Aston Martin and Bowmore.

The futuristic vessel that houses this rare whisky was designed by British design studio David Clark Design and is made of steel, glass, and leather. The bottle features a unique shape to represent the curves of an Aston Martin, while the black leather sleeve pays homage to the interior of the classic cars. Inside this eye-catching bottle lies 700ml of rare malt whisky that has been distilled through centuries old traditional methods.

For those with deep pockets looking for an exclusive experience, this $75,000 bottle of Aston Martin Bowmore will certainly not disappoint.

Number of Bottles of Bowmore Aston Martin

There are only 25 bottles of the Bowmore Aston Martin whisky available to buy. This exquisite limited-edition whisky marks a defining moment in history for both Bowmore and Aston Martin, making it an exceptionally rare and sought-after item. The collaboration celebrates time and is presented in a black bottle with the iconic Aston Martin wings logo, taking you back to 1965 when the iconic DB5 car was first released.

Is Investing in Bowmore Whisky a Good Idea?

Bowmore whisky is a great investment for those looking to purchase cask-aged Scotch. Bowmore is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland and has been producing whisky for over 200 years, making it a reliable and trusted whisky brand. Bowmore is well-known for its use of premium quality casks, particulrly first-fill sherry casks, which are highly sought after by whisky collectors. These casks are known to impart unique flavours into the whisky, such as notes of dark fruit, leather and smoke, while also helping to improve the ageing process. This maturation process can result in older whiskies with a higher ABV and greater complexity that can be aged beyond 40 years. As such, investing in a Bowmore cask can be a rewarding experience for any collector or investor.

Who Is the Owner of Bowmore Whiskey?

Bowmore is curently owned by the Morrison Bowmore Distillers, a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings Limited, a company. John Bell Sherriff purchased Bowmore Distillery in 1934 and held ownership until 1984 when the Mutter family sold it to Suntory.

Number of Bottles of Bowmore 21 Aston Martin

The Bowmore 21 Aston Martin Edition is a limited release of 12,000 bottles, currently available worldwide. It is a single malt whisky from the Isle of Islay, Scotland, that has been aged for 21 years in American oak and European sherry casks. The whisky has an ABV of 51.8%, and each bottle contins 700 ml (70 cl) of whisky. This special edition was created to celebrate the partnership between Bowmore Distillery and Aston Martin Racing, two iconic British brands. With its unique blend of smoky sweetness and peaty complexity, it is sure to be a hit with whisky connoisseurs!


Bowmore and Aston Martin have created a truly unique collaboration in the form of Black Bowmore DB5, a 52-year whisky sold in a futuristic vessel. Offering only 25 bottles available to buy, this rare and exceptional whisky celebrates an iconic moment in history for both brands. Not only is it an interesting purchase for any whisky enthusiast but its high ABV and first-fill sherry cask also make it a good investment, with the potential to be aged beyond 40 years old. It is clear that this collaboration beteen Bowmore and Aston Martin has created something truly special that will stand the test of time.

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