The Unique Flavors of Briess Special Roast Malt

Briess Special Roast is a unique that adds depth and complexity to your recipes. It is produced through a proprietary malting and roasting process that enhances the toasty and biscuity flavors, making it a favorite among brewers looking to create bold and distinctive beers.

One of the standout characteristics of Special Roast is its intense sourdough and tangy flavor profile. This flavor is reminiscent of bran flakes, giving your a distinct and memorable taste. The malt also imparts a heavy, dark caramel flavor with subtle notes of burnt sugar, raisin, and dark dried fruits like cherries and plums.

Belgian Abbey beers are known for their rich caramel taste and raisin-like flavor, and Special Roast is often used to achieve this distinctive profile. It can be used as a substitute for chocolate and black malt when you want to add deep color to your beer without introducing bitterness.

To enhance the graham cracker note in your brew, Victory malt and honey malt are effective ingredients to consider. These malts complement the toasty and biscuity flavors of Special Roast and add a pleasant sweetness to your beer. Additionally, adding vanilla can further accentuate the graham cracker flavor, creating a delicious and well-rounded brew.

Aromatic malt and caramel malts can also be used in conjunction with Special Roast to highlight the sweetness and complexity of the malt bill. These malts contribute to the overall flavor profile of your beer, adding depth and richness.

When using Briess Special Roast in your brewing recipes, it is important to consider the desired flavor profile of your beer. This malt is known for its bold and complex flavors, so it is best suited for beers that can handle its intensity. Whether you're brewing a Belgian Abbey-style beer or experimenting with unique flavor combinations, Special Roast can be a valuable addition to your recipe.

Briess Special Roast is a special malt that brings unique flavors and complexity to your brewing endeavors. Its intense sourdough and tangy flavors, along with its dark caramel taste and raisin-like notes, make it a versatile ingredient for creating memorable beers. Experiment with different malts and adjuncts to enhance the graham cracker and sweetness in your brew, and let your creativity shine through. Cheers to brewing with Briess Special Roast!

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What Is The Flavor Of Special Roast?

The flavor of Special Roast malt is characterized by its intense toasty and biscuity notes. It is produced using a unique malting and roasting process that enhances these flavors. Additionally, Special Roast malt develops distinct bran flake flavors, which contribute to its bold and tangy taste. Special Roast malt offers a rich and robust flavor profile that adds depth and complexity to any beer or it is used in.

What Are The Characteristics Of Special B Malt?

Special B malt is a type of Belgian caramel malt that stands out for its dark and intense characteristics. Here are some key features of Special B malt:

1. Darkness: Special B is known for its deep, dark color, making it one of the darkest caramel malts available. Its rich brown hue adds a beautiful darkness to beers and gives them a visually appealing appearance.

2. Aroma: Special B malt has a distinct and complex aroma. It offers a strong caramel scent that is almost reminiscent of toffee or caramelized sugar. This aroma adds depth and sweetness to the overall beer profile.

3. Flavor: The flavor profile of Special B malt is where it truly shines. It imparts a heavy, dark caramel taste that is both intense and delicious. The malt brings forth flavors of burnt sugar, giving a pleasant roasted quality to the beer. Additionally, it offers hints of raisin and dark dried fruits, such as cherries and plums, adding a subtle fruity complexity.

4. Complexity: Special B malt is prized for its complexity. It adds layers of flavor and aroma to beers, making them more interesting and nuanced. The combination of dark caramel, burnt sugar, and dark fruit notes creates a unique and captivating taste experience.

5. Versatility: While Special B malt is commonly used in Belgian-style beers, it can also be employed in other beer styles to add depth and complexity. It pairs well with other specialty malts and can be used in various beer recipes to achieve desired flavor profiles.

Special B malt is a special ingredient indeed. Its dark color, complex aroma, and rich flavor make it a sought-after choice for brewers looking to add depth and character to their beers. Whether you're brewing a Belgian-style or experimenting with other beer styles, Special B malt can elevate your brew to new heights.


Briess Special Roast malt is a unique and versatile ingredient that adds depth and complexity to a variety of beer styles. Its toasty and biscuity flavors are intensified through a proprietary malting/roasted process, creating a distinct sourdough/tangy flavor profile. Special Roast malt also develops noticeable bran flake notes, further enhancing its character.

Special B® malt, on the other hand, is the darkest of the Belgian caramel malts and offers a truly special experience. It imparts a heavy, dark caramel taste with subtle hints of burnt sugar, raisin, and dark dried fruits like cherries and plums. This malt is often used in Belgian Abbey beers, adding intense caramel flavors and a raisin-like quality.

When it comes to using Special Roast and Special B® malts in brewing, they can be excellent alternatives to chocolate and black malt when a deep color without bitterness is desired. Additionally, the combination of Victory malt and honey malt can bring a delightful graham cracker note to the brew, while vanilla can further accentuate this flavor. Aromatic malt and caramel malts can also contribute to the overall sweetness and complexity of the beer.

Briess Special Roast malt offers brewers the opportunity to elevate their beers with its distinctive flavors and aromas. Whether you're brewing a Belgian Abbey beer, experimenting with different malt profiles, or looking to add depth to your brew, Special Roast and Special B® malts are excellent choices that can truly enhance the overall beer-drinking experience.

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