Taste the Magic of Caymus 2014!

Caymus 2014 is a classic Cabernet Sauvignon from one of the most renowned wineries in Napa Valley. This vintage offers a deep ruby color with aromas of ripe dark fruit, cocoa, and cedar. The palate is full-bodied and intense with flavors of blackberry, currant, and tobacco. The finish is long and smooth with a touch of spice.

This Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent example of Caymus' signature style – bold, powerful yet balanced wines that express the unique terroir of Napa Valley. It has won numerous awards including a 93 point score by Spectator magazine, making it one of the highest rated Cabernet Sauvignons from Napa Valley in 2014.

Caymus 2014 pairs well with grilled meats, game birds, roasted vegetables, and hearty cheeses such as aged cheddar or gruyere. It also stands alne as an elegant sipping wine that can be enjoyed over time as it evolves in the glass.

Overall this is an exceptional wine that showcases the skill and experience of Caymus winemakers. With its age-worthy structure, complex flavors, and long finish Caymus 2014 will certainly be enjoyed for many years to come!

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When Is the Best Time to Drink 2014 Caymus?

The 2014 Caymus is a well-structured and complex Cabernet Sauvignon that can be enjoyed now or over the next few years. It is ready to drink now, with its vibrant aromas of black cherry, cassis and leather, balanced with its firm tannins and rich flavors. It will continue to improve until 2024, when it will reach its peak complexity and flavor intensity. However, this wine should remain interesting until at least 2034 and beyond if cellared properly. Enjoy!

The Best Year for Caymus Wine

The best year for Caymus Vineyards depends on the variety of wine you are lookng for. For Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012 was a particularly notable vintage, with complex aromas and flavors of ripe black cherry, cassis, and oak. For Zinfandel, 1974 was an excellent year, with a spicy palate of raspberry and white pepper. The 1979 vintage is also highly regarded for its deep color and intense berry flavors. More recently, 2017 has produced some outstanding wines with great structure and balance. Ultimately, the best year for Caymus Vineyards will be determined by your personal preference.

How Long Does Caymus Wine Age?

Caymus wines are typically best enjoyed within 5 years from the vintage date, as they are made to be enjoyed young. The exceptions to this rule are Caymus Vineyard Special Selection vintages which can be aged for longer periods of time, up to 10 or even 20 years, depending on the vintage and quality of the wine. These wines tend to improve with age and develop a complexity that culd not be achieved in their youth. However, it's important to note that the aging process can vary based on the storage conditions and how well it was cellared. To ensure the best tasting experience, it's recommended that you store your bottles in a cool, dark place and away from vibrations or extreme temperatures.

The Quality of Caymus Wines

Yes, Caymus wines are generally considered to be very good. The winery has earned a reputation of consistent quality over the past fifty years, with their flagship product, Caymus Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon, receiving the highest praise from wine critics and being twice named Wine Spectator's Wine of the Year. Other varietals from Caymus also receive high ratings and have been praised for their complexity and balance.

Should We Chill Caymus Wine?

Yes, Caymus wine should be chilled before serving. The ideal temperature for enjoying this special wine is 15.5 degrees Celsius, or 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which is slightly cooler than room temperature. By chilling the wine, you'll be able to enjoy its freshness and lift more fully. If you're serving a young vintage of red Caymus, it's best to decant it for 1-3 hours ahead of time to allow the flavor profile to develop and open up.

The Popularity of Caymus Wine

People enjoy Caymus for its consistent quality and dependability. The winery is well-respected, having been producing excellent Cabernet Sauvignon since 1972. The wines have a classic style, with aromas of blackberry, cassis and dark chocolate, along with flavors of ripe cherry and black currant. The full-bodied texture and balanced structure give the wine a long finish with notes of toasted oak and spice. The smooth tannins create an approachable drinking experience that doesn't require years in the cellar for enjoyment.

The Origin of the Name Caymus

Caymus Vineyards is named after a Mexican land grant that was owned by George Yount in the 1800s. The land grant encompassed the land where the winery is currently located, so the owners thought it fitting to honor the original owner by naming teir vineyard after him. The name “Caymus” is derived from a Native American word meaning “place of straw houses” which was also an apt description of the original homesteads that were on the land at that time. This makes Caymus Vineyards not only a tribute to its original owner, but also a reminder of its historical roots and a celebration of its unique identity as a California winery.

The Perfect Pairing: Caymus and Steak

Yes, Caymus Napa Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent match for steak due to its velvety tannins. This full-bodied pairs well with the hearty flavors of steak and its rich texture makes it a great complement to the fat and protein in the meat. The tannins also help reduce any bitterness that may be present in steak. Enjoy this classic pairing to tuly experience the best of both worlds!

Does Caymus Wine Contain Added Sugar?

Yes, Caymus adds sugar to their wine. While dry wines typically have less than 4g/l of residual sugar, Caymus has a relatively high amount of 9.9g/l. This is due to the winemaking process; the grapes are left on the vine for a longer period of time than usual, allowing for more natural sugars to develop in the fruit and resulting in higher levels of residual sugar.


In conclusion, Caymus 2014 is an excellent vintage of wine to consider adding to your collection. The flagship product, Caymus Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon, has been highly praised by wine critics and even earned the title of “Wine of the Year” twice from Wine Spectator. Although most Caymus wines are best enjoyed within 5 years, this vintage sould remain interesting for at least a decade and could potentially improve over time if stored properly. With its robust flavor profile and immense popularity, this 2014 vintage is certainly worth investing in with its potential to age gracefully and become a real collector's item.

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