The History of Flying Monkeys Brewery

The Flying Monkeys Brewery, located in Barrie, Ontario, is a craft brewery that has been producing some of the best in Canada for over 15 years. Founded in 2005 as the Robert Simpson Brewery, the company was renamed to Flying Monkeys Brewery in 2009 and has been a leader in production ever since.

Flying Monkey's beers are brewed with high quality ingredients, including German and specialty malts. The brewery also produces delicious fruit-flavored beers, such as their raspberry wheat and mango . All of their beers are made with a soft Bavarian and are 7.1% Alc. by Vol., which makes them perfect for any occasion.

In addition to their scrumptious brews, Flying Monkeys also offers a variety of apparel made from quality fabrics and designed with a fabulous fit. These products include T-shirts, hats and jeans – all made right here in the United States!

The brewery is also dedicated to giving back to its community. They have established several charitable initiatives, such as their “Monkey Cares” program which provides support for various causes like poverty relief and animal welfare.

If you're looking for an excellent craft beer that is sure to make your taste buds sing – look no further than Flying Monkeys Brewery! With their delicious brews and commitment to giving back to their community, this brewery is sure to be one of your favorites!

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The Brewery Behind Flying Monkey Beer

Flying Monkey beer is brewed by Esber Co., based in Canton, Ohio. Founded in 2011 by father-son team Dave and Michael Esber, the company specializes in craft beer, specifically Flying Monkey, which is one of the best beers produced in Canada. The brewery produces a variety of craft beers, including IPAs, stouts, ales and lagers as well as special seasonal releases.

The History and Characteristics of Flying Monkey Beer

Flying Monkey beer is an artisan craft beer brewed by the Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in Ontario, Canada. The beer is a Belgian-style ale with an ABV of 7.1%, and is brewed with a soft Bavarian yeast and late season red raspberries pureed to preserve the taste of Spring. Its aroma is described as being fruity and tart, with notes of raspberry, citrus and spice, while its flavor features a sweet character with hints of raspberry, honey and clove. Flying Monkey beer pairs well with desserts, cheeses and spicy foods.

Who Is the Owner of Flying Monkey?

Flying Monkey US LLC is owned by Zachary Daye. Mr. Daye has extensive experience in business management, operations and strategy. He has been associated with the company since its inception and currently serves as its Owner and CEO. He leads the organization's efforts to create innovative products and services that meet the needs of its customers. In addition, he provides strategic guidance to ensure that Flying Monkey US LLC remains competitive in a rapidly changing market.


In conclusion, Flying Monkeys Brewery has been a leader in the craft beer industry since 2005. Founded in Barrie, Canada, it was originally known as the Robert Simpson Brewery, but changed its name to Flying Monkeys Brewery in 2009. From its base in Los Angeles, the brewery produces an array of craft beers with a soft Bavarian yeast and late-season red raspberries for a unique flavor profile. With a 7.1% ABV and the quality fabric used in their jeans, Flying Monkeys is sure to provide a memorable experience for craft beer lovers everywhere.

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