A Refreshing Taste of Summer: Jack’s Peach Cider

Summer is here, and that means it's time to enjoy some delicious fruit-infused ciders! Jack's Peach is one of the best around, and it's perfect for sipping on a hot day.

Jack's Hard Cider is made in Adams County, Pennsylvania—a region known for its apple production. The cider is crafted from a blend of apples and other fruits, including peaches. This gives the cider a sweet yet tart flavor that pairs well with any summer dish.

Brimming with natural flavor, Jack's Peach Cider has a smooth finish and light carbonation. It offers a classic hard cider taste but with the addition of fresh peaches. The result is an incredibly refreshing that can be enjoyed all summer long.

The folks at Jack's take great pride in their craftsmanship, which shows in each sip of their ciders. They use only the highest quality ingredients to create a truly unique flavor profile for each variety they make. Their peach cider also stands out due to its versatility—it can be enjoyed neat or used as the base for some truly unique !

Jack's Peach Cider comes in cans so you can take it with you wherever you go this summer—to the beach, on hikes, or just out into your backyard to enjoy the sunshine while sipping something delicious.

So if you're looking for an amazing fruity hard cider this summer, look no frther than Jack's Peach Cider!

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Is Jack's Peach Cider Gluten Free?

Yes, Jack's Peach Cider is gluten-free. The company uses only apples and other fruit from Pennsylvania to craft their delicious cider. All of Jack's ciders are considered naturally gluten-free by the company, including their Peach Cider. It is available in cans for your convenience and enjoyment. So if you're looking for a refreshing, gluten-free beverage, Jack's Peach Cider is an excellent choice!

Is Jack's Hard Cider Sweet?

Jack's Hard Cider is on the drier side of the cider spectrum, and not particularly sweet. It has a light sweetness which is balanced with tart and mild acidity, making it a refreshing choice.

Origin of Jack's Hard Cider

Jack's Hard Cider is proudly made in Adams County, Pennsylvania – a true Apple Capital of the world! Our cidermakers begin the process by harvesting, pressing and fermenting freshly-picked apples right here on-site. Since 2019, Jack's Hard Cider has been owned and distributed by Atomic Dog and is available to purchase in 11 states across the United States. Our home tasting room is located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Who Is the Owner of Jack's Hard Cider?

Donald Hoffman owns Jack's Hard Cider. He is an entrepreneur from a modest family who was supported by military service. In addition to Jack's Hard Cider, Donald also owns Atomic Dog LLC.


Jack's Peach Cider is a light and refreshing beverage made from apples and peaches harvested in Adams County, Pennsylvania. It comes in cans and is considered naturally gluten-free by the company. This cider has a unique flavor profile, with hints of sweet peach balanced out by a dry finish. Jack's Peach Cider is the perfect addition to any summer gathering, or simply enjoy it on its own for an easy-drinking refreshment.

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