The Unique Taste of Parliament Lights Cigarette

Parliament Light cigarettes are one of the most popular brands of cigarettes on the market today. This iconic brand has been around for decades, and its popularity continues to grow. The Parliament Light cigarette is known for its unique flavor, light taste, and milder smoke. It's also known for its distinctive 5 mm recessed charcoal filter that helps prevent the tongue from touching the filter face.

This brand of cigarette is made with only high-quality tobacco and is available in a variety of sizes and styles. The standard size is King Size, but they also come in 100s, Super Longs, Lights, Menthol Lights, Ultra Lights and Non-Filter varieties. In addition to being available in traditional packets or boxes of 20 cigarettes, Parliament Light also coms in packs of 10 or 25 cigarettes.

Parliament Light cigarettes are known for their smooth taste and mild smoke. They have a light flavor that doesn't overwhelm your taste buds but still provides a great smoking experience. The recessed filter adds an extra layer of protection against any potential irritants or harmful substances getting through to your mouth or lungs while you smoke.

The Parliament Light cigarette has become a favorite among smokers who prefer smoother and lighter cigarettes without sacrificing quality or taste. If you're looking for a milder yet enjoyable smoking experience without compromising on quality tobacco flavors, this might be just what you're looking for!

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The Cost of Parliament Light Cigarettes

Parliament Light cigarettes are available for purchase in the U.S.A, however they can only be sold to those over the age of 21 as per federal regulations. To purchase a pack of Parliament Light cigarettes, you must provide a valid form of identification and verification of your age at the point of sale. The price for one pack of Parliament Light cigarettes is typically around $14.99, depending on the state and local taxes applicable to your area.

Do Parliament Cigarettes Still Remain Available for Purchase?

Parliament cigarettes are still sold in many countries around the world. In the United States, they are available in convenience stores, gas stations, and tobacco shops across the country. In Europe, they can be found in Bulgaria, Serbia, Cyprus, Uruguay, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Estonia, Armenia and Lithuania. In Asia, they are available in India and Latvia. They can also be found in Kuwait and Belarus. Additionally, Parliament cigarettes are sold in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia. Finally they can be found in Qatar and Saudi Arabia as well as Turkey.

The Benefits of Recessed Filters in Parliaments

Parliaments have recessed filters to provide an extra layer of protection and comfort while smoking. The 5 mm recessed charcoal filter acts as a guard that prevents the tongue from coming in contact with the filter face, reducing the amount of chemical residue that can be tasted. Additionally, the recessed filter also increases air flow, allowing for smoother and cooler smoke. Ultimately, this design helps to ensure a pleasurable experience for Parliament smokers.

The Removal of Menthol Cigarettes

Menthol cigarettes are being removed from the market because of their appeal to youth and young adults. Since menthol cigarettes are often the first cigarette that these age groups try, prohibiting them is expected to reduce the likelihood that they will continue to experiment with and use cigarettes. This move is part of an effort to reduce smoking's appeal to this demographic and make it less accessible. Additionally, a ban on menthol cigarettes has been supported by numerous public health organizations due to their potential health risks. Menthol cigarettes have been found to contain higher levels of some toxic chemicals than non-menthol varieties, which cold increase their potential for causing serious health issues. By removing them from the market, it is hoped that fewer people will be exposed to the toxic chemicals that they contain.


Parliament Light cigarettes are an iconic brand of cigarettes manufactured by Philip Morris International. They feature a recessed 5mm charcoal filter, designed to keep the tongue from touching the filter face for a smoother smoking experience. They are available in menthol and non-menthol varieties, with a flip-top box for easy carrying. Despite their popularity, tobacco products such as these can only be purchased in the United States by those 21 and older, and can only be delivered after ID verification. Parliament Light cigarettes are also available in numerous other countries around the world.

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