The Refreshing Taste of Virginia Slims Silver!

Are you looking for a smooth and satisfying smoke? Then Virginia Slims Silver cigarettes are perfect for you! This classic brand is renowned for its unique design and taste, making it one of the most popular menthol cigarettes in the market.

Virginia Slims Silver cigarettes feature a light and refreshing flavor with a mild strength. Their smooth taste is accentuated by their sleek, slim design that fits comfortably in your hand. These cigarettes also come with a unique filter tip that filters out some of the harshness from your smoke, making them even more enjoyable.

The distinctive flavor of Virginia Slims Silver cigarettes makes them stand out from other brands. They are made with only the highest quality tobacco leaves, giving them an unbeatable taste that will keep you coming back for more. The rich flavor of these cigarettes pairs perfectly with any or snack to make sure you get the most out of your smoking experience.

Each pack of Virginia Slims Silver cigarettes contains 20 quality-made sticks, so you can always have some on hand when you need them most. They come in a sophisticated silver package that loks great on your shelf or in your pocket, so they make a great gift too!

If you're looking for an enjoyable smoke with a feel, try Virginia Slims Silver today! You won't regret it!

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Types of Virginia Slims Cigarettes

Virginia Slims are a brand of cigarettes produced by Philip Morris USA and have been arond since the 1970s. They come in a variety of different types including Full Flavor, Gold, Silver, Menthol, Menthol Light, Ultra Light and Super Slims. Each type has their own unique blend and taste.
The Full Flavor Virginia Slims are made with a blend of Virginia tobacco that has been cured in a special way to give it a rich flavor and smooth finish. The Gold variety is also made with Virginia tobacco but is blended with burley and oriental tobaccos for an even richer flavor. The Silver version is slightly milder than the Full Flavor variety and has a smooth taste.
Menthol cigarettes are flavored with menthol to give them a cool and refreshing taste while Menthol Light are slightly less intense in flavor than the original Menthol cigarettes. Ultra Light Virginia Slims use lighter tobaccos for a milder taste while Super Slims offer an even lighter experience for those who prefer something smoother.
No matter which type you choose, all Virginia Slims cigarettes provide an enjoyable smoke that will satisfy your craving for tobacco.

Amount of Nicotine in Virginia Slims Cigarettes

Virginia Slims cigarettes contain 8 mg of nicotine per cigarette, and 0.6 mg of nicotine per gram, meaning that each cigarette contains roughly 0.48 mg of nicotine. As Virginia Slims are typically sold in packs with 20 cigarettes, this means that one pack of Virginia Slims contains a total of 16 mg of nicotine.

Are Virginia Slims Cigarettes Low Tar?

Yes, Virginia Slims are low tar cigarettes. Specifically, the Superslims brand from Virginia Slims is very low in tar and contains only 0.1 milligrams of tar, compared to the average of 12-15 milligrams found in other 100 millimeter cigarettes. This makes it a great option for people who want to reduce their overall tar intake from cigarettes.

The Meaning of Silver on Cigarettes

Silver on cigarettes typically refers to the lighter versions of the brand, which have lower levels of tar and nicotine. These are often referred to as “light” cigarettes, and manufacturers use silver as a color-coding method to differentiate them from regular brands. Light cigarettes contain fewer harmful chemicals than regular cigarettes, so many people choose them as a healthier alternative.

Are Virginia Slims Menthol?

No, not all Virginia Slims are menthol. Virginia Slims come in both menthol and non-menthol flavors, so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes. The menthol varieties have a cooling sensation and a minty flavor, while the non-menthol varieties are smooth and have a more traditional tobacco flavor. Both types of Virginia Slims offer a classic cigarette experience with a sleek design that makes them an attractive choice for smokers.


Virginia Slims Silver cigarettes are a great choice for those looking for a mild, yet flavorful cigarette. They have an 8 mg tar yield and 0.6 mg nicotine yield per cigarette, making them an ideal option for those who want to reduce the amount of toxins they inhale while still enjoying the taste of a cigarette. Virginia Slims Silver offers a smooth, menthol flavor that is sure to satisfy many smokers' cravings.

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