Raise a Can of Four Loko Gold: A Review of the Premium Malt Beverage

If you're looking for a strong and flavorful drink that packs a punch, Four Loko Gold is the perfect choice! This premium has an content of 14% ABV and 23.5 oz., making it the highest alcohol content of all Four Loko products. It also contains artificial flavorings and caramel color, giving it a unique flavor profile.

The taste itslf is very sweet and slightly fruity, with hints of caramel or toffee. The flavor is surprisingly smooth and not overly sweet like you'd expect from an flavored malt beverage. The smell is also pleasant, with a nice balance of sweetness and bitterness.

In terms of its effects, Four Loko Gold provides an intense buzz that comes on quickly but fades away just as fast. It can leave you feeling energized but still relaxed, so it's great for any occasion where you want to have some fun without getting too drunk. The effects last for about two hours before they start to subside.

Four Loko Gold is also very affordable compared to other drinks with similar alcohol contents. A single 23oz can costs around $1-2 depending on where you buy it from, making it a great value for money option. Plus, each can contains five standard drinks which makes for an even better deal!

Overall, if you're looking for a strong drink that won't break the bank then Four Loko Gold is definitely worth considering! Its intense flavor profile combined with its energizing effects make it a great choice for anyone who wants to have some fun without getting too drunk.

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What is the Taste of Gold Four Loko?

Four Loko Gold has a sweet, slightly fruity flavor that's reminiscent of energy drinks. The taste is sweet but not overly so, and it has a slightly tart aftertaste. There are hints of citrus and pineapple, as well as a slight hint of malt. The carbonation level is low, making it smooth and easy to drink. It's not overly strong or overpowering, but it still packs a punch with 12% alcohol by volume. Overall, Four Loko Gold offers an easy-drinking taste that's perfect for those looking for an alcoholic boost to their favorite beverage.

Number of Shots in a Four Loko Gold

A Four Loko gold contains the equivalent of 5.5 shots of alcohol. This is due to its 14% ABV (alcohol by volume) and a 23.5 ounce single-serve container size. To put this into perspective, this is the highest alcohol content of any Four Loko product, far exceeding the amount in a regular 12-ounce which would only have one standard drink or 0.6 shots of alcohol. Therefore, it is important to remember that consuming one Four Loko gold is equivalent to drinking more than five shots of liquor in one sitting and should be done responsibly.

The Ingredients of a Gold Four Loko

A Gold Four Loko is a premium malt beverage with artificial flavor and caramel color. It contains alcohol, with 5 fl oz (148 ml) per serving. This alcoholic beverage is made from a blend of malt liquor, high fructose corn syrup, natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, sodium citrate, caffeine, guarana extract and caramel color. The exact blend of ingredients may differ slightly depending on the type of Four Loko being consumed.

Does Four Loko Gold Contain Caffeine?

No, Four Loko Gold does not contain caffeine. All of our products are caffeine-free and do not include any other stimulants such as taurine or guarana. We strive to provide refreshing and delicious beverages without the added stimulants.

The Effects of 4 Loko on the Body

Drinking just two cans of Four Loko in an hour can be extremely dangerous and can have serious consequences for your health. When you drink large amounts of alcohol, like the equivalent of 10-12 beers, it takes the body much longer to process it. This means that the alcohol builds up in your bloodstream and causes a rapid increase in blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels. The high BAC levels can cause extreme intoxication, loss of consciousness, and even death. It can also interfere with the brain's normal functioning, including suppressing the brain's respiratory centers which can lead to respiratory depression. In addition to these dangerous physical effects, consuming large amounts of alcohol quickly can also lead to poor decision making and increased risk taking behaviors that cold put you in harm's way. It is important to always drink responsibly and in moderation.


In conclusion, Four Loko Gold is a premium malt beverage with artificial flavor and caramel color that contains 14% ABV and 23.5 oz. It is the highest alcohol content of all Four Loko products, containing 5.5 standard drinks in one single-serve container. While it does not include caffeine, taurine, or guarana, it does have an energy drink flavored taste that those who enjoy will be sure to love. However, due to the high alcohol content, it is important to consume responsibly and in moderation.

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