Blue Moon Variety Pack – A Beer Lover’s Dream

Blue Moon is a Belgian-Style Wheat that was originally brewed in Golden, Colorado. It is currently being brewed by Blue Moon Company which is a subsidiary of MillerCoors. Blue Moon has been described as “a cloudy, creamy white with a sweet taste and light orange aroma.” Blue Moonquickly became one of the most popular wheat beers in the United States. Blue Moon is available in a variety of different packaging, including cans, bottles, and kegs.

Blue Moon also offers a variety of different flavors, including Blue Moon Belgian White, Blue Moon Seasonal Selection, Blue Moon Harvest Wheat, and Blue Moon Cinnamon Horizon. Blue Moon Belgian White is the original Blue Moon beer and has won multiple awards, including a Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival. Blue Moon Seasonal Selection features a different flavor each season, such as Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat and Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale. Blue Moon Harvest Wheat is brewed with pumpkin and spices, while Blue Moon Cinnamon Horizon is brewed with cinnamon and nutmeg.

The Blue Moon Variety Pack includes all four of the aforementioned flavors, allowing beer drinkers to enjoy a variety of different tastes. Whether you're looking for a refreshing wheat beer or something with a little more flavor, the Blue Moon Variety Pack has something for everyone. So grab a pack today and taste the difference!

blue moon variety pack

What Are Blue Moon Flavors?

The Blue Moon flavor profile is a bit of a mystery, as it varies depending on who you ask. However, some of the most common flavors mentioned include raspberry, lemon, blueberry, and cherry. Some people also say that it has a vanilla flavor with a hint of citrus.

Does Blue Moon Come In A 12 Pack?

Yes, Blue Moon does come in a 12 pack. It is a Belgian-style wheat ale brewed by MillerCoors. The beer is unfiltered and has a smooth, creamy taste with notes of orange and coriander.

blue moon variety pack

How Many Types Of Blue Moon Are There?

There are tree types of Blue Moon. Blue Moon Belgian White, Blue Moon Mange Wheat, and Blue Moon Honey Wheat.

Are There Different Kinds Of Blue Moon Beer?

There are many dfferent kinds of Blue Moon beer. Blue Moon Belgian White is a Belgian-style wheat ale that is brewed with spices including orange peel and coriander. It has a light, citrusy taste. LightSky is a light, refreshing citrus ale. Moon Haze is a juicy, hazy pale ale. And Mango Wheat is a tropical wheat-style ale with mango flavor.

blue moon variety pack

Is Blue Moon IPA?

Blue Moon is a White IPA. It is crafted with four varieties of , wheat, coriander, and a hint of orange peel. The citrus hop character is complimented with wheat and a hint of orange peel.

Does Blue Moon Come In A Can?

Blue Moon Belgian White beer is avalable in 12-ounce cans. The Brewmaster's Can celebrates the 15th anniversary of Blue Moon, and marks the first time Blue Moon is available in cans.

How Much Is A 12 Pack Of Blue Moons?

A 12 pack of Blue Moons costs $25.99.

Is There Grapefruit In Blue Moon?

Brewed with Valencia orange peel and a touch of coriander, Blue Moon Belgian White has a natural citrus flavor and aroma. Some people detect a hint of grapefruit in Blue Moon, but it is not actally in the recipe.

What Alcohol Percentage Is Blue Moon?

Blue Moon is a wheat beer that typically has an ABV of arond 5.2%.

What Beer Is Similar To Blue Moon?

Blue Moon is a Belgian-style wheat beer brewed by MillerCoors. It has a light, fruity flavor and is often served with a slice of orange. Some beers that are similar to Blue Moon include Stoudts Weizen, Avery White Rascal, Paulaner Hefeweizen, Schneider Weisse Hefe Weizen, Climax Hoffman Hefeweizen, Troegs DreamWeaver, Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier, and Magic Hat #9.

Is Belgian Moon The Same As Blue Moon?

Belgian Moon and Blue Moon are two differet beers. Belgian Moon is made by Molson Coors in Canada and is a rebranding of their Blue Moon beer. Blue Moon is made by MillerCoors in the United States.

Is Blue Moon Craft Beer?

Yes, Blue Moon is considered a . It was firt brewed in 1995 by Keith Villa, a brewmaster at Coors Brewing Company. Villa developed the recipe for Blue Moon while working on a homebrewing kit he gave as a Christmas gift to his father-in-law. The beer became so popular that Coors began brewing and selling it nationwide in 1997.

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