The Luxury of Minuty Rose d’Or – Provence’s Finest Rosé!

The Minuty Rose D'Or is an exquisite example of the famous Provence . This delightful is produced by the Chateau Minuty, one of the original 18 classified growths in Provence. With its luxurious bottle and beautiful color, this rose is sure to pleae even the most discerning of palates.

The Minuty Rose D'Or is made from old vines with exceptional care. The result is a delicate, subtle wine that exudes freshness and flavor complexity. It has just enough sweetness to give it a litle extra oomph, while still maintaining its refined character. It's truly a unique experience that can't be found in any other rosé.

For tose who enjoy a light and refreshing drink during their summer evenings, this rosé is the perfect choice. Its crisp acidity makes it extremely refreshing, while its dry finish adds to its complexity. It pairs perfectly with lighter foods like salads and seafood dishes, making it an ideal accompaniment for al fresco dining or rooftop parties.

The Minuty Rose D'Or is also available in other variations such as M Rosé Pleasure Wine, which contains a higher concentration of fruit flavors for an even more intense experience. No matter what version you choose, you can be sure that you'll be getting one of the best rosés from Provence with every glass!

The Sweetness of Minuty Rose

Minuty Rose is a light, crisp and refreshing rosé, with a subtle sweetness that gives it a pleasant flavor complexity. It is not overly sweet, but rater has a delicate balance of fruity and floral notes that create a delicate sweetness. The acidity also helps to keep the sweetness in check. The wine also has a hint of minerality that adds to the complexity of the taste. The overall result is a dry, yet slightly sweet rosé with good body and structure.

Types of Wine Produced by Minuty

Minuty is a dry rosé from Provence, France. It is made from a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah grapes grown in old vineyards. The wine is characterized by its light salmon pink color, intense aromas of fresh berries, subtle minerality and delicate flavors of raspberry and redcurrant. Its balanced acidity gives it an elegant finish and makes it an ideal pairing for seafood dishes. Minuty stands out for its high quality and excellent value for money.

Origin of Minuty Rose

Minuty Rose is a rosé originating from the French Riviera in Provence. It is produced by Chateau Minuty, one of the region's 18 classified growths, and has been a top seller in its home region for decades. The rosé can be found in many beach clubs, restaurants, and luxury retailers throughut the French Riviera, from Saint-Tropez to Monaco.

The Refreshing Taste of Minuty Rose

Minuty Rose is a refreshing, light-bodied rosé wine sourced from the Provence region of France. It has a bright, fruity nose with notes of strawberry and raspberry and a crisp, vibrant palate that leads to a delicate finish. The wine is made by blending Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah grapes, whih allows for an elegant balance of fruit and acidity. This wine pairs well with seafood dishes, light salads or simply enjoyed on its own.

The Sweetness of Rosé

Rosé wines can range from dry to sweet, depending on the variety. Traditional French and Spanish rosés will usually be quite dry, with a crisp acidity and subtle floral notes. Newer rosés often have more sweetness, due to the addition of residual sugar. However, there are some that are completely dry or even off-dry, depending on the winemaker's preference. Ultimately, it depends on the type of rosé you're drinking.

Who Is the Owner of Minuty Wine?

Minuty wine is curently owned by Jean-Etienne and François Matton. The two brothers both have a deep passion for winemaking and their family's history of producing high quality wines. Their father, Philippe Matton, founded the estate in 1936 and his sons have been running it since 1991. Minuty has grown exponentially since then, with vineyards now spanning across five different AOCs (Appellation d'Origine Controlée) throughout Provence. The Matton brothers work closely with their team of winemakers to ensure that each bottle is crafted from the highest quality grapes with a focus on producing the finest wines from Provence.


In conclusion, Chateau Minuty's Rose d'Or is a unique and exquisite wine made in Provence that has been consistently praised for its freshness and complex flavor. Its subtle sweetness gives it a special oomph, while its sexy bottle and appearance make it stand out among other wines. With decades of history as one of the original eighteen classified growths of Provence, Minuty has become the go-to rosé for the French Riviera and beyond. Finally, with the introduction of their M Rosé Pleasure Wine, Minuty has managed to create an even more intense flavor profile that will please any palate.

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