The Perfect Balance of Bubbly: Poema Brut!

Introducing Poema Brut, Spain's version of and the perfect accompaniment to any special occasion. This bubbly blend is made from macabeu, parellada, and xarello grapes and can be made into eithr a white or cava. Produced in the Penedes Valley in the Catalan province of Barcelona, Poema Brut follows and exceeds the Cava DO's stringent regulations and elaborate Champenoise method to craft an exquisite .

Poema Brut is classified as a dry sparkling wine, meaning it contains less than 12 grams of added sugar per liter. This makes it one of the driest champagnes available on the market today. The flavors are intense yet balanced with pleasant aromas of ripe fruits such as apples and peaches combined with subtle notes of toast. The palate is light-bodied yet full-flavored with a clean finish that lingers on the tongue for minutes after sipping.

This unique sparkling wine is perfect for celebrating any special occasion or just having an evening out with friends. It pairs well with appetizers such as cheeses, vegetables, and nuts as well as main dishes like salmon or chicken. With its refreshing taste and elegant bubbles, Poema Brut makes a great addition to any menu or gathering!

If you're looking for a delicious Spanish champagne to enjoy at your next event or party, then look no further than Poema Brut! With its intense yet balanced flavors and aromas, this bubbly blend will surely impress your guests and make your celebration an unforgettable one!

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Is Poema Cava Brut a Sweet Wine?

No, Poema Cava Brut is not a sweet wine. It follows the strict regulations and Champenoise method of the Cava DO and is a dry sparkling wine with balanced acidity and body. Its primary aromas are of white fruit and apples and it has a vibrant yeasty finish.

Is Champagne a Poema?

No, Poema is not a champagne. While it is a sparkling wine made with the same traditional method used to produce champagne, it is not technically considered champagne because it is not produced in the Champagne region of France. It is instad a Spanish sparkling wine made from macabeu, parellada, and xarello grapes, and labeled as “Cava”. It can be either white or rosé in color. Although Cava does not qualify as champagne according to French standards, it does have its own unique taste profile and complexity that makes it a great alternative for those seeking an elegant and bubbly experience.

Using Brut for Mimosas

Yes, you can use brut for Mimosas. Brut is a term used to describe the dryness level of a and it's the ideal choice for making Mimosas. It has a lower sugar content than oter sparkling wines, so it won't make your mimosa overly sweet. The best type of brut to use when making Mimosas is real French champagne, but if that's not in your budget then Cava, Prosecco or any other dry and sparkling wine will work too. Just make sure you check the label and look for “brut” on it, as this indicates that the beverage is dry and perfect for making Mimosas.


In conclusion, Poema Brut is an exquisite sparkling wine from the Cava DO in Spain. It is crafted using the Champenoise method and follows stringent regulations to ensure quality. This dry style of cava is made from macabeu, parellada, and xarello grapes grown in the vineyards of the Penedes valley in Barcelona province. With a sugar level of less than 12 grams per liter, it has an elegant flavor profile that is perfect for any special occasion or celebration.

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