The Refreshing Sweetness of Andre Pink Moscato: ABV

Andre Pink Moscato is a delightful and refreshing white from California. It's made from Moscato grapes, which are known for their low content and sweet flavor profile. This makes it a great choice for those looking for a light, fruity wine to enjoy on summer evenings or to pair with desserts.

The aroma of Andre Pink Moscato is a delightful combination of juicy strawberry and pomegranate. The effervescence is excellent, giving it an extra level of refreshment that will make you want to keep sipping it all night long. There's also a pleasant finish that will linger on your palate as you savor the taste.

When it comes to its alcohol content, Andre Pink Moscato clocks in at 9% ABV (10.5% by volume). This makes it one of the lowest-alcohol wines out there, so you don't have to worry about overindulging if you decide to open up another bottle! As an added bonus, the low-alcohol percentage means that the flavors of this delightful drink won't be overpowered by its strength – making it an even more enjoyable experience.

All in all, Andre Pink Moscato is an excellent choice for any occasion where you want somthing light and refreshing but still want something special enough to make an impression. Its low alcohol content means that you can enjoy a few without worrying about overindulging while its unique flavor profile will keep your taste buds entertained all night long!

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Alcohol Content of Pink Moscato

No, Pink Moscato is not high in alcohol, typically ranging between 5-7% ABV (alcohol by volume). It's a light, refreshing wine with a sweet taste, and its low alcohol content makes it a great choice for enjoying with meals or as an after-dinner drink. In comparison, the average has 5% ABV and most have 40% ABV or higher. Pink Moscato is an excellent choice for those looking for a lower alcohol .

The Sweetness of Andre Pink Moscato

Yes, Andre Pink Moscato is sweet. It has a juicy strawberry and pomegranate aroma that is balanced with excellent effervescence and a delightful finish. The flavor profile includes notes of orange and cherry that further enhance the sweetness of this wine.

The Cost of Pink Moscato Wine

Yes, Pink Moscato is an inexpensive wine. It typically has a light body, low tannins and a sweet flavor profile that includes hints of strawberries, peach, and passion fruit. The alcohol content is usually around 8-10% ABV and it's often sold in 750 ml bottles at a very affordable price.

Drinking Pink Moscato: Hot or Cold?

Pink Moscato is best enjoyed chilled, but not too cold. To preserve its delicate fruity aromas and flavors, it should be served between 45-50°F (7-10°C). Serving it too cold can make the flavors seem muted, while serving it too warm can make it seem overly sweet. Try chilling your Moscato in the refrigerator for 30 minutes or so before serving.


Andre Pink Moscato is a refreshing and sweet wine from California, United States. With an ABV of 9%, it is lower than other Moscatos and offers a delightful flavor profile of juicy strawberry and pomegranate aromas. The excellent effervescence and delightful finish make this an ideal choice for those who prefer orange and cherry flavors. With a reasonable price of $6.99, Andre Pink Moscato is the perfect way to enjoy an evening without breaking the bank.

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