The Legacy of Cerveceria Tecate

Welcome to Cerveceria Tecate, the home of Mexico's most popular ! Since it was first brewed in the city of Tecate in 1959, this light, refreshing beer has become a favorite among Mexican beer lovers.

Tecate is known for its iconic black eagle logo and its distinctive flavor. It has a mild taste that is well-balanced between and and it's easy to drink. The process is simple but effective; using only natural ingredients such as malted barley, hops and , it produces a light-bodied lager that has a slightly sweet aftertaste.

The brand recently released Tecate Titanium, the first Mexican beer with an ABV of 7.5%. At nearly twice as high as the original Tecate (4.5% ABV), this new brew is sure to please those looking for something stronger. The single-serve cans are 24 ounces and perfect for sharing with friends at any gathering.

At Cerveceria Tecate, we take great pride in our brewing process and ingredients – we use only the best ingredients from Mexico and around the world. We take great care in creating a product that stays true to our roots while still being innovative and appealing to all types of beer drinkers.

We invite you to come visit us in Mexico or try our beers aywhere they are available – you won't be disappointed! Our beers are sure to please your palate and make your celebrations even more special. Salud!

The Symbolism of the Bird on Tecate Beer

The bird featured on Tecate beer is a black eagle, which has been given a hero stance to bring it to life. The eagle has a broadened chest and shoulders, and is illustrated at a dramatic perspective angle. This iconic image is synonymous with the brand, providing a powerful symbol of strength and courage that resonates with Tecate customers.

Is Tecate a Genuine Mexican Beer?

Yes, Tecate is a real Mexican beer. It has been brewed in the city of Tecate, Mexico for more than 60 years and is imported into the United States by Cervezas Mexicanas in White Plains, New York. The beer is made from pure spring water from the nearby mountain range and a unique blend of hops and malted barley. This combination creates a light, crisp flavor that has become popular around the world. Tecate is an authentic Mexican beer with a long history of quality brewing.

The Strength of Tecate Beer

Tecate Titanium is certainly a strong beer, with an ABV of 7.5%. It is the first Mexican beer to have such a high ABV and packs double the punch of an original Tecate at 12 ounces, with 4.5% ABV. For those looking for a stronger beer experience, Tecate Titanium is perfect for that.

Does Heineken Own Tecate?

Yes, Heineken owns Tecate. In 2010, Heineken acquired the Mexican-based beer brand, along with Dos Equis and Sol, making it part of their global portfolio of brands. Heineken now produces and distributes Tecate in over 80 countries worldwide.

Types of Beer: Is Tecate a Lager or Pilsner?

Tecate is a full-bodied lager, not a pilsner. It has a refreshing crisp malt flavor and a pleasant aftertaste that sets it apart from other lagers. Tecate Original has been brewed in its namesake town of Tecate since 1944, using the same high-quality recipe, making it a true Mexican cerveza.

cerveceria tecate

What Is The Lowest ABV Beer?

The weakest alcoholic beer is an important consideration for those looking to enjoy a light and refreshing . The lowest ABV ( by volume) beer on the market is Schofferhofer Grapefruit, which clocks in at a mere 2.5% ABV. This low-alcohol beer has a tart but sweet flavor that combines notes of citrus and grapefruit for a refreshingly light taste. Other low ABV beers include Evil Twin Bikini Beer at 2.7%, Ballast Point Mango Even Keel at 3.8%, Pilsner Urquell at 4.4%, Bell's Oarsman at 4%, Natural Light at 4.2%, and Victory Cage Radler at 3%. These beers all offer a low alcoholic content while still providing full flavor, making them perfect for day drinking or simply enjoying a light beverage without the fear of bcoming too intoxicated.


Cerveceria Tecate has been a staple in the Mexican beer industry for over 60 years. It is a Mexican lager with a black eagle as its iconic symbol, which Chris was able to bring to life by giving it a hero stance. Tecate Titanium is the first of its kind and packs a punch with 7.5% ABV, double that of an original Tecate. The beer is brewed in Mexico but ownd by Heineken, who acquired it along with Dos Equis and Sol in 2010. With its long-standing history and signature taste, Cerveceria Tecate is sure to continue being an integral part of the Mexican beer market for many years to come.

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