The World of Citrus IPA

When it comes to craft , there is no shortage of unique and innovative flavors to tantalize our taste buds. One such flavor combination that has gained popularity in recent years is the citrus IPA. Combining the refreshing taste of citrus fruits with the bold bitterness of India Pale , citrus IPAs offer a refreshing twist on the classic IPA style.

The citrus IPA is characterized by its vibrant and zesty flavors, thanks to the addition of citrus fruits during the brewing process. One popular choice is blood oranges, which bring a distinct citrusy sweetness to the beer. The tartness of the blood oranges perfectly complements the hoppy bitterness of the IPA, creating a harmonious balance of flavors.

One example of a citrus IPA is the Hopworks Urban Brewery Ferocious Citrus Blood Orange IPA. This American IPA is specifically brewed with blood oranges to give it a fresh and citrusy taste. The fruity aroma of the blood oranges is complemented by the piney and citrusy hop aromas, creating a sensory experience that is both refreshing and invigorating.

Another notable citrus IPA is the Crane Orange Gose. This German-style gose is brewed with oranges and sea salt, resulting in a uniquely tart and salty flavor profile. The addition of oranges adds a refreshing citrusy twist to the traditional gose style, making it a perfect choice for those looking for a citrus-infused beer with a touch of sourness.

For those who prefer a lighter and more sessionable citrus IPA, Pete's Orange Wheat is an excellent choice. This American wheat beer is brewed with oranges, giving it a crisp and citrusy character. With its low ABV and smooth mouthfeel, Pete's Orange Wheat is the perfect beer for enjoying on a hot summer day.

The citrus IPA trend has also inspired breweries to experiment with other citrus fruits, such as lemons and grapefruits. Shock Top Lemon Shandy, for example, is a refreshing blend of lemonade and wheat beer, creating a citrusy and tangy flavor profile. Narragansett Del's Shandy, on the other hand, combines the flavors of lemonade and to create a crisp and citrus-forward beer.

Citrus IPAs offer a refreshing twist on the classic IPA style by incorporating the vibrant flavors of citrus fruits. Whether brewed with blood oranges, lemons, or grapefruits, these citrus-infused beers provide a harmonious balance of refreshing citrus and . So, the next time you're in the mood for a unique and invigorating craft beer experience, reach for a citrus IPA and let your taste buds be dazzled by the combination of citrusy sweetness and hoppy bitterness. Cheers!

What Is Citrus IPA?

Citrus IPA, short for Citrus India Pale Ale, is a type of American IPA that is brewed with the addition of citrus fruits, especially blood oranges. This unique variation gives the beer a fresh and citrusy taste, adding a delightful twist to the traditional hop-forward flavors of an IPA.

Here are some key points to understand about citrus IPAs:

1. Style: Citrus IPAs fall under the broader category of American IPAs, which are known for their strong hoppy flavors and higher content. However, the addition of citrus fruits sets them apart and adds a refreshing and tangy twist to the beer.

2. Citrus Fruits: The most common citrus fruit used in brewing citrus IPAs is blood oranges. Blood oranges are known for their deep red color and sweet, slightly tart flavor. The and zest of these oranges are often added during the brewing process to infuse the beer with their distinct citrusy character.

3. Flavor Profile: Citrus IPAs typically exhibit a range of citrus flavors, including orange, grapefruit, and lemon. The addition of blood oranges gives the beer a unique and vibrant citrus taste that complements the bitterness of the hops. The result is a refreshing and well-balanced beer with a bright, zesty finish.

4. Aroma: Along with the citrusy taste, citrus IPAs also have a strong citrus aroma. The aroma can vary depending on the specific citrus fruit used and the brewing techniques employed. However, it is generally characterized by a fresh and vibrant scent reminiscent of citrus fruits.

5. Food Pairings: The citrusy and hoppy nature of these IPAs makes them versatile when it comes to food pairings. They pair well with a variety of dishes, including spicy foods, grilled meats, seafood, and salads. The citrus flavors can help cut through the richness of certain dishes and enhance the overall dining experience.

6. Serving and Glassware: Citrus IPAs are typically served chilled in an IPA glass or a tulip glass to enhance the aroma and allow for proper head retention. The shape of these is designed to concentrate the hop aromas and maintain carbonation, ensuring an enjoyable drinking experience.

Citrus IPAs offer a refreshing and citrus-forward take on the traditional IPA style. With their vibrant flavors and aromas, they have gained popularity among beer enthusiasts looking for a unique and flavorful drinking experience.

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What Beer Has Citrus Flavor?

There are several beers that have a citrus flavor. Some popular examples include:

1. Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy: This beer from Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin has a refreshing citrus taste. It is brewed with lemonade flavor and has an ABV (alcohol by volume) that can vary between batches.

2. Shock Top Lemon Shandy: Anheuser-Busch produces this beer in Saint Louis, Missouri. It combines the flavors of lemonade and wheat beer to create a citrusy and tangy taste. The ABV of this beer can also vary.

3. UFO Big Squeeze Shandy: This shandy is brewed by UFO Beer, which is part of the Harpoon Brewery in Boston, Massachusetts. It is made with grapefruit and lemon peel, resulting in a bold citrus flavor. The ABV is typically around 4.5%.

4. Narragansett Del's Shandy: This shandy is a collaboration between Narragansett Beer and Del's Lemonade, a popular Rhode Island drink. It has a sweet and tart lemon flavor and an ABV of 4.7%.

5. Stiegl Gaudi Radler Shandy (Lemon): Stiegl Brewery in Austria produces this radler shandy, which is a mix of beer and lemon . It has a crisp and refreshing citrus taste with a lower ABV of 2%.

6. Tenacious Traveler Shandy: This beer is brewed by Traveler Beer Company in Burlington, Vermont. It is a mix of wheat beer and natural lemon and ginger flavors, resulting in a zesty and citrusy taste. The ABV is around 4.4%.

7. Saranac Shandy: Saranac Brewery in Utica, New York offers this shandy, which is a blend of their traditional lager and natural lemonade flavor. It has a balanced citrus taste and an ABV of 4.2%.

These are just a few examples of beers that have a citrus flavor. Each one offers a unique combination of citrus and beer flavors, providing a refreshing and enjoyable drinking experience.

What Is The Best Citrus Beer?

The best citrus beer can vary depending on personal preferences, but here are some top contenders:

1. Crane Orange Gose: A refreshing and tangy German-style wheat beer with hints of orange and coriander.

2. Pete's Orange Wheat: This American wheat beer is infused with natural orange essence, providing a crisp and citrusy flavor.

3. Lead Dog Oranges Are Orange: A hazy IPA brewed with real oranges, resulting in a juicy and zesty taste.

4. Coronado Orange Ave. Wit: A classic Belgian-style witbier brewed with orange peel and coriander, delivering a smooth and refreshing citrus profile.

5. Gainsbourg Orange Tie Wrap: This French-style saison is brewed with orange peel and spices, offering a unique and complex citrus character.

6. Hangar 24 Orange Wheat: A light and easy-drinking wheat beer brewed with fresh oranges, delivering a bright and citrus-forward taste.

7. Hopworks Urban Brewery Ferocious Citrus Blood Orange IPA: A bold and hoppy India Pale Ale infused with blood orange, providing a citrusy and slightly bitter flavor.

8. Tempest Marmalade on Rye: A Scottish ale brewed with orange marmalade and rye , resulting in a rich and malty beer with a subtle citrus twist.

These are just a few examples of the best citrus beers available. Remember to explore and try different options to find the one that suits your taste preferences the most.

Is Hazy IPA Citrus?

Hazy IPA, also known as New England IPA, is a style of beer that is known for its cloudy appearance and juicy flavors. While citrus flavors can be present in some hazy IPAs, it is not a defining characteristic of the style. Hazy IPAs typically showcase fruity and tropical flavors, which can include citrus notes such as grapefruit, orange, or lemon. However, it is important to note that not all hazy IPAs will have pronounced citrus flavors. The specific flavors and aromas of a hazy IPA can vary depending on the hop varieties used in the brewing process. Some hazy IPAs may have more emphasis on other fruit flavors like mango, pineapple, or peach. Ultimately, the flavor profile of a hazy IPA can vary from brewery to brewery and even from batch to batch. It is always best to read the beer's description or consult with the brewer to get a better understanding of the specific flavors and characteristics of a particular hazy IPA.


The Citrus IPA is a unique American India Pale Ale that offers a refreshing and citrusy taste experience. This beer is fermented with blood oranges, adding a vibrant and zesty flavor profile. The combination of the hop bitterness and the citrus notes creates a well-balanced and enjoyable drinking experience.

Citrus IPAs are becoming increasingly popular among beer enthusiasts due to their ability to provide a refreshing twist on the traditional IPA style. The infusion of blood oranges adds a burst of freshness and tanginess, elevating the overall flavor profile of the beer.

The aroma of a Citrus IPA typically showcases citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits, along with hints of pine and other fruity notes. This aromatic complexity is complemented by a clean and assertive bitterness, creating a well-rounded and satisfying drinking experience.

Whether you are a fan of IPAs or simply looking for a beer with a unique and refreshing flavor, the Citrus IPA is definitely worth trying. Its combination of citrusy flavors, hop bitterness, and clean finish make it a great choice for those looking to explore new and exciting beer styles. Cheers to the Citrus IPA!

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